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I'm about an hour late but I had a busy day so I'll do day 10 in a little bit but I had 2 choices for my favorite villan
Madara is an obvious choice he's fucking crazy and stupid strong his raw obsession with power even though he really wasn't a bad guy before tobirama *cough cough* tried to undermine and basically cull the Uchias made him an incredible adversary
Number two was light yagami he's insanely smart and basically makes himself a god he's so far ahead of the game he kills anyone in his way without backing even stuttering even against L the only man able to back him into a corner he didn't try to hide or back down he took the challenge of the minds in strides and it was awesome
madara is awesome
i dont think light is a villian. even if he was definetly not enough to make a real villian list. madara is A1 though