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Hey guys, this is a three part card. Please read all of the parts because I'd love for your help.

Part 1

First off, for my fanfic, The Pains of Our Yesterdays, I have great news. In case you didn't hear before, my computer crashed causing me to lose a month of writing. I was forced to rewrite a lot of this story. And as angry and frustrated as I was about it, I think it worked out for the better. Things changed in the story and I think I wrote it better than it would originally have been. I've been slaving over it for a while now, trying to finish.
I can now proudly say that I am finished!!! Finally! I still have the usual editing to do, but I'll do that as I go along. I haven't written the epilogue, but I'm going to give myself time to take a chill from writing this story. I want to give serious thank yous to everyone who has been reading and bearing with me throughout this slow and painful process. Seeing that people were still reading kept me motivated to keep writing.
That being said, I will now update the story and Saturdays and Wednesdays as I try to continue doing other things. This leads to parts 2 and 3.

Part 2

This is me asking for both opinions and criticisms.
With my writing, I feel like I haven't been doing to great with my current story. Not because of the story itself, but because of my writing. My oneshots have been doing well, but I feel unsatisfied with my writing for my regular story. Maybe it's because it's long and I've been frustrated with it, but I feel like I'm lacking. I don't have anyone to ask for opinions either, not necessarily on grammar, but specifically on my writing itself.
I know that I write too much. It's one of my biggest problems with the oneshots. I always have to put in extra work to keep the wordage down. It's a problem with my regular story as well. I'm hoping to rectify that issue with any more stories I write. If I change my writing style right now, though, I believe it would be detrimental to the story.
So, this is where I'd like to ask for opinions and constructive criticism. Should I stick to oneshots after this or do you have an idea as to how I can improve my writing? I don't at all want to sound rude, but I don't want coddling politeness. If everyone says my writing is fine, I'll never be able to improve. So please, from fellow writers and readers, I would love to hear your honest, perhaps brutal, opinion. If you're not comfortable saying it in comments, please feel free to PM me. I'm more than happy to talk that way.
I promise, I won't get offended. Actually, that's not true. If you PM me telling me my writing is crap and so are the books I read and that I should just hang myself, after laughing, I would probably get slightly offended. I mean really, what did my books ever do to you? (Sorry, I blame my bizarre and situationally inappropriate humor on Dean Koontz books. Oh wait, maybe that is something my books did to you. My bad. Ugh, I digress.) Anyhow, please tell me if you have any opinions on this. I love writing and I want to make sure I write the best I possibly can. I don't have any of my nonvirtual friends to ask about their opinion on fanfics, so feel free to impart your opinion upon me.

Part 3

Last part. Now that my current story is pretty much done for writing, if I should continue writing regular stories, I want to ask opinions of what my next story should be. I have 4 possible stories right now. I wrote a scene or two out for a couple of them as the ideas popped up, but I haven't actually sat down to write them yet. I tried to stay focused on my current story. So these are the 4 stories I was thinking about:
1. AU. The BTS member meets a sweet, but mysterious girl, who is somehow able to start pulling him out of his depression. In fact, he even starts to feel happy again. She shows him the beauty and happiness all around him. He may be actually falling for her. But why is she so secretive? What is she hiding? The member's new happiness may be blinding him from seeing the... strangeness of his new friend. What will the other members do when they notice the changes in their friend?
2. School AU. This is a BTS school AU. A school full of bullies, victims, and bystanders. Some of BTS are bullies, some of them are victims, and in middle is the mute girl who tries to protect them. Or even save them from themselves. Is it possible for her to protect everyone? Can she save people who don't want to be saved?
3. Futuristic AU. Not as creepy as the pic, but still futuristic. BTS gets one of the members a female C-Doll, short for Cyber Doll, as a birthday present. C-Dolls are basically customized and controllable humans that the government has impressed on the general populace that they are only dolls, appliances used to make everyday life easier. But what if one of them starts to fall for her? What if two of them? Is it possible to overcome the overwhelming prejudices? Are C-Dolls even capable of loving? Or is it all programming?
4. Vampire AU. Vampires and humans coexist, though sometimes barely. Enforcers are a sort of police made up of both humans and vampires that are supposed to protect both humans and vampires from the bad ones. But is that how it ever works? When two species try to coexist, isn't there always a fight for dominance? If only two people are left alive on Earth, they would still find a way to say they're better than the other. When a human Enforcer with a conscience and moral compass in contrast to her colleagues finally pushes the elitists too far, can she, and her newfound vampire acquaintances, stay alive to protect the innocent, both human and vampire?
So these are the ones I've thought of so far. Those pics are not the covers, I just found them online. I'll probably ask my beloved @twistedpuppy for a cover when I actually decide on a story. Which one should I focus on? No, I won't tell you which members are the focus for them. It's a secret, lol. I'm personally leaning towards number 1, but I'm more than willing to change that. As for number 4, that's one of the stories I lost when my computer crashed so I haven't had time to rewrite the small scene I had in my head.
I'm going to try to keep all of them shorter than my previous and current stories, but number 4 may end up long. No idea since I haven't started writing it yet. Please let me know what you think either in comments or PMs. Don't be afraid to tell me if you think any of them are overdone story plots. I'm going to try to have my own flavor in them to make them different enough from the usual, but as it's been said before: by now, all the stories being written have already been written before.
So, in recap, constructive criticisms and opinions are welcomed and requested. Please don't hesitate to state your mind. I look forward to hearing from you guys. I hope this post doesn't come off as a cry for attention. While I do want attention for the matters stated above, I'm not fishing for personal validation. Honesty is appreciated for all of it. My next post will be Saturday when I post the next chapter of my story. Hope to see you all then!
Maybe if I do continue writing and I finish these stories, maybe I'll start on another group. :) I need to branch out a bit, don't I. Ugh, that means research, Oh well, lol.
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Bruh Squad
Oh i'm so DOWN for the vamp one. It'd make for some pretty steamy scenes if you know what i mean xD
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@KittenFear yeah, it probably would, lol. But I don't write smut. But maybe I'll write the next thing to it, lol. I can deal with that, lol
For me, grammar and sentence structure are the key to good writing. If you don't have those two elements mastered,then the story itself falls apart. If grammar and spelling are too bad, I won't finish reading a story. Common, but easily fixable, mistakes annoy me, and I don't mean typos. For example, Him and me went to the store. No one says Him went to the store, or Me went to the store. Why would anyone think it's okay to put the two together and write it that way??? This is my general rant and not about you or your writing specifically. There is only 1 writer on Vingle that I won't read the person's fiction.
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@JaxomB is there anything specific you've noticed in my writing that I can try to improve?
Omg I love 1,2,4 but I do feel like the vamp one would be awesome. I enjoy your long stories I don't mind at all don't shorten them plz. Your grammar is not but just some words here and there but nothing to serious. Plz remember to tag me 😊✌️✌️
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Yea that happens when you start to write at first you write something that's so long but then it tends to get shorter lol. Lol well I would love to read them all but i understand that life gets in the way but I'm so looking forward to reading them. I hope you update your other fix OMG Jin finally knows that she's his real sister I need to know what happens next poor Jimin is stepping aside 😭 but I can't wait to read both routes of the story though.
I vote for 1 and 2! I also agree with @JaxomB about grammar. I also think that grammar is the most important thing.
EEEEEHHHPPP!!! I'd love to make the cover!!!
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Okey dokey yo
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