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I have no self control I got both the original and limited addition. I bought the black ones on sale at Macy's I was excited so I didn't think why are these on sale. Of course they would have released two new pair both being wireless. I picked up the limited addition pair because of the colors.
The original pair I got in purple the lights are bright. This pair only has one light setting and color. Sound quality is okay not the best it's mostly base it over powers the vocals and instruments sound a bit muddy. The cat ears are speakers so you can share what your listening to.
These are super cute all silver pair limited addition headphones I got purely for the esthetic. These are Bluetooth compatible they also come with a caring case,usb and a headphone jack. These compared to the originals have more bells and whistles. This pair has color changing lights up to eight different colors pink, purple, blue, orange, green, white, hot pink and lavender. They can pulse to your music strobe, breath,changes every five seconds. Both these head phones are great if you just want something cool you can listen to music or play games with. If your a true audio file then these are not for you you can get way better for the price. But all in all I love mine kpop sounds amazing in them I love watching anime in then it's what I got them for.
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