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Welcome back! I'll try to post the chapters fast so I can make the finale on TOP's enlistment day πŸ˜†. Start from the beginning: Chapter 1

Chapter 2


The night was chilly and windy but even so I was sweating profusely, the sweat was threatening to fall from my eyebrows and blurr my vision. I took a deep breath, adjusted my hand on the trigger, and looked at the target once more. For the first time in my life as a hitman my trigger finger was shaking. The darkness of the night kept me concealed from prying eyes. But that didn't matter, not right now. I felt as if I had been discovered and being forced to stand naked in the middle of the town's center. I had received the description of the target half an hour prior to the job. I preferred it that way. It helped me not to form any attachements. She was a woman, late twenties to early thirties. Business dressed, with typical black pencil skirt and white, long sleeve blouse, with cheetah print high heels, and light brown hair held on a ponytail. There was no mistake that was my target. I had received her address and she was the only one with that attire walking towards that building. But why did it had to be her? I hadn't seen her in nearly ten years. She was the last link of my previous life. Y/N, what had you done, that you were standing as a target at the end of my sniper riffle? Right now, I had to make a decision. Shoot the target and continue down the road to hell I've been living in or not shoot the target and bring down all of hell upon me. But how could I shoot her? She was the most caring person I ever encountered in my whole life. The ray of sunshine I needed when my life knew nothing but darkness. I stupidly thought that walking away from her life was me protecting her. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath removing my finger from the trigger. I put down my riffle and started disassembling it. This was either the best decision I ever took on my life or the worst. My thoughts got interrupted by my phone ringing. The screen showing an encrypted caller on the screen. Usually, the clients called as instructed, five minutes after the job was supposed to take place, to confirm the target had been eliminated. Never had I backed down on a deal. Not specially after I had been paid. I answered the phone and the scrambled voice at the other end of the line asked "has the target been taken care of?" "Deal is off" I said sternly. "WHAT!? What do you mean the deal is off!? I hired you because people swore you were the best!" The angry voice at the other side of the phone exclaimed. "I said the deal is off! I'll refund your fucking money inmediately!" I said exasperated and hanged up the phone. Now, I was sure this wasn't gonna be the end of it. He would probably go find someone else. I had just managed to anger some rich, selfish bastard. Not only that but I had probably also painted a bulls eye at the back of my head.
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