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Since the Internet, Smart Phones and Apps have made the appearance in all our lives, we as humans have gravitated more so to the social interactions. The culture of an online society is similar to the script of a play and we all choose our own roles, similar to any physical society. Emotions differ across social classes and cultures. What's funny to one person, might not be so for another person. However, what I've experienced is there are far more similarities then differences. I've been using Facebook for quite a few years and have come to find that I'm not able to share the different facets of my personality. For instance, I shared music and a close family member was stunned. This confused me greatly and left me censoring myself with every post I created or shared. I was doing this so as not to "upset the applecart" per se. Being able to express myself had became a chore and too time consuming because I was trying to accommodate my follower's "perception" of my life or maybe more so, how they wanted me to portray myself. This left me disgusted and I ultimately went on the search for a new, bright social site and came across this site, Vingle. After being on this site for only a day, I realized the importance of platform design. The type and layout of a social media platform greatly influences how ideas, thoughts and interests are expressed. We as people have many different parts of us that make up our whole. This site has you create "cards", each representing a different aspect of your personality. What a breakthough concept! Thank you Vingle, you've created a much needed comfortable place for an online community. I find myself relaxed and enthusiastic about sharing and expressing myself.
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thank you for expressing my feelings so clearly
Aww you're welcome... ☺