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Enterprise UX Design: How it's Working?
In today's digital age, user experience (UX) design has become a key factor in the success of software and apps. UX design has focused on consumer-facing the app. But now, there is a growing demand for UX design in the enterprise sector. Enterprise Website Design Company In Chennai UX design is a custom field that focuses on creating user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. It is suitable for software and applications used by firms and corps. In this article, we will explore how enterprise UX design works. Learning the benefits, it offers to corps can help you know its ability. How Does Enterprise Ux Design Work? Enterprise UX design is a complex process that involves knowing the needs and challenges of both the firm and its users. In order to do this, enterprise UX designers conduct vast studies to gain a clear insight into what the clients need. They then use this knowledge to create interfaces that are easy to use and make sense Website Design Company In Chennai in the company's context. The goal of enterprise UX design is to create designs that are intuitive and user-friendly and that make the lives of employees easier. Designing business software is a big process that involves many steps. We need to work with the people who will use the software, unite with others who have a stake in the software, and keep testing and improving it over time. How Enterprise Ux Design Works In Practice? Enterprise UX design follows a structured process that involves several stages. These stages include: Research: The first stage of enterprise UX design is research. This involves collecting data about the users, their needs, and the business needs. This detail is used to create user personas and user scenarios. The design is built around it. Conceptualization: The second stage of enterprise UX design is conceptualization. This includes building the app's prototypes and wireframes. It can be used to test the design with end users and gather feedback. Design: The design stage affects the creation of the visual design of the app. It includes creating the layout, typography, and color palette. The design should be even, simple, and open. Development: The development stage involves building Website Design Company In Chennai the apps. The design is achieved into code in this stage. Then the app is tested for functionality and usability. Testing: The testing stage involves testing the application for bugs, usability, An Extensive Enterprise User Experience Workflow When it comes to enterprise UX design, there is no standard workflow. This is because there is no accord on the intent of enterprise UX. The design principles remain the same for enterprise products and services. UI/UX professionals must focus on minor details that may be outside of consumer UX design. The workflow for enterprise UX design places greater focus on the workers and their needs in the workplace. Since the product or service is designed for an entire corps, it is crucial to involve all the concerned teams, people, and divisions in the process. Here are the common steps that serve as a guide for enterprise UX design: Talk To The End-Users (I.E., Employees): The first step in an enterprise UX design project is to talk to the end-users, which in this case, are the corps employees. This involves understanding their needs, pain points, and how they will interact with the design. Take All The Concerned Teams On Board: It is crucial to know the nature of the workplace and interact with all concerned people and teams. It ensures that while designing specialized solutions, the needs of the corps and its special teams are taken into account. Apply The Principles Of Ux Design: Design thinking is still suitable to enterprise UX design. So the basic principles of design and UX strategy must be followed. Provide Training: Once the design is done, the next step is to provide the right training. As a designer, you are the best person to share all the details about the product or service. Organize training sessions to teach the employees how to interact with the design, preferably for free. Ensure Constant Support: Enterprise UX design involves creating products and services that are easy to use and meet the needs of the employees who will be using them. To make sure the products are the best they can be, designers need to talk to the employees to learn about their needs. They can use that data to create a design that works for them. Once the product is launched, it's vital to continue making progress based on feedback from the users. If people need help using the product, the designers should provide training and support to make it easier for them to use. Key Features Of Enterprise Ux Design: Focus On User Needs: Enterprise UX design should focus on learning the user's needs and conditions. It is vital for creating an app. This is achieved through research and user testing to gather feedback from end users. It helps in creating a product tailored to the user's needs, ensuring a better user experience. Consistency And Simplicity: Enterprise UX design focuses on making things easy and clear for the user. This is done by making sure the design is even, which means it looks and works the same way in all parts of the app. To achieve consistency, the design uses the same layout, font style, and colors throughout. Simplicity is crucial, which means making the application easy to use and understand. The design should be intuitive, which means the user should be able to figure out how to use it without too much thinking. This helps to reduce confusion and make the user's experience better. Accessibility: Enterprise UX design makes sure that all can use the app, including those who have disabilities. This means things like making sure the colors are easy to see, the text is big enough to read, and people can use a keyboard to navigate the app. Scalability: Enterprise UX design makes sure that the app can fit on diverse screens and devices. This allows the app to work on many platforms, like desktop computers, phones, and tablets. This is called "scalability." Security: When we design enterprise software, it's really important to make sure it's safe and secure. This is because the software might have really important data that we don't want other people to see. To keep the data safe, we need to make sure that only the people who are supposed to see it can access it. This is called access control. We also need to use something called encryption, which makes it so the data is scrambled and unreadable to anyone who shouldn't be able to see it. In addition, we might need to use something called two-factor authentication. This is where you need to use two different things to prove you're allowed to see the data, like a password and a special code sent to your phone. All of these features help keep the data safe and prevent people who shouldn't see it from getting access. So, when designing enterprise software, it's really important to keep security in mind to protect sensitive data. Benefits Of Enterprise Ux Design: Improved Productivity: When software is easy to use, employees can do their work faster and finish tasks quicker. This helps the business get more done in less time, which is called productivity. By making the software simpler, enterprise UX design can help reduce the number of steps it takes to do a task. This can help make the process easier to understand, which can also help reduce the complexity of the application. Better User Experience: Enterprise UX design aims to create a better user experience by designing an interface that is easy to use and visually appealing. This can increase user satisfaction and engagement with the application. Reduced Development Costs: Enterprise UX design is a way of making business software easier for people to use. By simplifying how things work and focusing on user needs, we can help people do their work more quickly and efficiently. This can save a lot of money by reducing the time and effort required to create, test, and train people to use the software. When things are easier to understand and use, we can get things done faster and with fewer mistakes. This means less time and money spent on fixing errors or problems. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Enterprise UX design is a way of making business software easier for people to use. When we create software that is intuitive and easy to use, it can make customers very happy. This is because when people can use software without getting confused or frustrated, they're more likely to want to keep using it. This can lead to them being more loyal to the company and sticking around for a long time. So, by making software that is easy to understand and use, we can keep customers happy and coming back for more. This can help the company keep its customers for a long time and make them feel good about using its products. Conclusion: In today's digital age, enterprise UX design is super essential for firms and corporations to succeed. It helps by making things easy to use, which can improve how well employees do their jobs and how happy they are doing them. When things are easy to use, clients are more likely to get involved and keep coming back, which is called client attention and loyalty. This helps the business grow and become more thriving overall. As technology becomes more and more vital for firms to be successful, they'll need more people who can do enterprise UX design. So, the demand for this job will keep growing, and it'll be really important for businesses to have good UX designers in the future.
[빡침주의] 부산 돌려차기남이 출소하면 전여자친구도 죽이겠다 협박하고있는 이유
천호성 변호사 - 피해자가 한 1년 이상 이 싸움을 해오기까지 피해자는 너무 고통스럽고 힘들었다는거예요  사법체계, 이 형사사법 시스템내에서 내가 피해를 당했는데, 나는 완전 쩌리. 알 수 있는 것도 없습니다  뭐 보여달라고 해도 보여주지도 않아 근데 수사기관이 제대로 그럼 수사라도 해주든지 제대로 수사도 못하면서 피해자한테 뭘 보여주지도 않고. 저도 이 피해자뿐만 아니라 다른 사건들을 많이 봤는데 1심에서 지금 검찰에서 20년 구형에서 12년 선고됐거든요  근데 이 피해자가 이런 식으로 적극적으로 투쟁하지 않았으면 제가 봤을 땐 5년 6년도 안 나왔을거에요 지금 이제 나오고 있는 이슈가 신상 정보 공개. 이게 이제 새로운 이슈로 떠올랐는데 그 중심에 이제 또 천호성 변호사가 있어요 (유튜버 카라큘라의 변호사) 근데 이게 지금 관계기관에서는 신상공개를 하지 않는걸로 결론을 냈는데 이건 어떻게 보면 이제 사적 제재에 들어갈 수 있는데 유튜버가 공개를 했죠 예방이 되는 범죄를 신상공개를 해야지 특히 이제 이런 사건 같은 경우 피해자가 답답해하는 부분이 그거죠 12년 뒤면 나오는데 이 사람은 내 주소까지 알고 있는데 나는 그 범죄자에게 알 수 있는게 아무것도 없어  열람 조사해도 가르쳐 주지도않고 뭘 보여주는 것도없고. 안 가르쳐 줘요  그래서 제가 오늘 이 자리에 나와서 정말 강력하게 얘기하고싶은게 피해자한테 피해자의 열람조사 청구권을 확대해 줘야돼요  이 사건 지금 이 부산 돌려차기 사건 같은경우도 이 피해자가 고소를 한 초창기부터 이제 그 수사기관에 대해서 수사 기록에 대해서는  열람조사 청구를 하면 받아주는게 아무것도 없어요  피해자가 볼 수 있는 건 뭐냐면 고소장. 자기가 낸 거잖아요  피해자가 자기가 써서 낸 고소장을 알아서 뭐 하냐고요. 그리고 고소인이 고소장을 제출하면 고소인 조사를 하잖아요  그 진술 조서가 있단 말이에요 참고인 조서. 그것도 자기가 진술한 거예요. 그거 봐서 뭐하냐고요 근데 핵심적으로 중요한 거는 피의자. 이 상대방 범죄자가 제출한 변호인 의견서나 증거나 그 사람에 대한 무슨 뭐 전과자료나  이런 핵심적으로 중요한 자료에 대해서는 일체 (공개)불허하고 있단 말이에요. 안보여줘요 왜요?;;공정한 재판을 위해서에요? 피의자의 방어권을 위해서. 핵심적인 이유는 피의자나 피해자의 방어권을 보장하기위해서 피해자한테도 안 가르쳐준다는거에요 근데 만약에 이 피해자가 저사람이 (성범죄를) 저지른 새끼라는걸 알았다하면은, 그걸 피해자한테 정보제공 해줬다하면은  이 피해자가 선임한 변호사가 (전의) 범죄수법을 보고 이 사건이랑 유사하다 생각할거란 말이에요 그럼 아까 최초 목격자 진술에 피의자의 성범죄 전력이 더해지면 피해자쪽에서 수사기관에 강하게 요청을 할 수 있을거 아니에요 성범죄를 조사해달라 (1심때는 성범죄 조사자체를 안해서 12년이 구형됐었음) 수사방향이 완전히 바꼈겠죠 (과거 저 가해자는 강간 범죄 이력이있는데 이 사건도 이번처럼 지나가던 여성을 뒤에서 가격해 넘어뜨린후 성폭행한것임 이 사건을 돌려차기 맞은후 기억이 블랙아웃된 피해자측이 알았다면 처음부터 성범죄 유무도 조사해달라 요청했을것임) 근데 지금 수사나 재판 단계에서는 과장해서 하는게 아니라 피해자는 그냥 꿔다놓은 보릿자루예요 아예 지금 알수있는게 아무것도 없단 말이에요  심지어 이 피해자가 1심 재판에서도 열람조사 청구를 계속 했어요 CCTV 보여달라 아니면 피의자가 제출한 의견서나 이런거 보여달라고 했는데 다 불허됐단 말이에요  근데 그걸 어떻게 받았냐면은 피의자 전여자친구가 범인 은닉으로 같이 처벌을 받았단 말이에요  근데 이 여자친구도 처음에 자기도 몰랐다는 거예요 피의자가 이 피해자를 상대로 이런 강력범죄를 저지른지 모르고 숨겨줬다 이 사건의 피해자가 그래서 이 여자친구한테 인스타로 dm을 보내봤어요  왜냐면 여자친구는 구속이 안 된 상태였으니까. 그러다가 이제 이 여자친구도 진짜 좀 피해될 수 있겠구나라는 생각을 하고 서로 좀 친해진 거예요.  그래서 피해자가 1심 재판부에다가 내가 피해자니까 cctv도 좀 보여주고 피의자가 제출한 의견서도 좀 보여달라고 하는데 재판부가 다 안 보여준 거예요.  불허해 버리니까 답답해가지고 피의자 여자친구한테 그 얘기를 한거예요. 그러니까 이 여자친구는 자기는 피고인이잖아요 그 재판에.  근데 피고인은 열람조사 청구권이 보장이 된단 말이에요. 공범이니까. 그래서 그 여자친구가 받아가지고 이 피해자한테 준 거예요 일부를 황당하죠 피해자는 증거를 못 보고 피고인은 보죠. 왜냐하면 그건 방어권이니까. 개판이에요 이건 진짜 바꿔야해요  피해자의 열람조사 청구권을 보장을해야 이런 수사 부실, 수사 한계를 극복할수있는거에요 *피해자의 열람조사청구권이 보장받아야하는 이유 피해자들은 피해당할 당시의 기억이 아예없거나 흐릿한 경우가많음 이럴때 cctv와 가해자의 진술을 듣고 기억을 더듬어야 보다 정확한 진술이나오는데 그걸 열람하지못하게하니 억지로 기억을 쥐어짜내게됨. 그 과정에서 실제와 틀린 진술이 나오면 신뢰도가 떨어지게되어 재판에 악영향을줌... 특히 가해자 A씨의 전 여자친구와 지인들, 교도소 동기 등 주변인물들은 가해자 A씨의 위험성에 대해 한 목소리를 내었다.  전 여자친구의 경우 가해자 A씨가 수감 중에 편지로 '주민등록번호와 부모님 이름을 알고 있다' 며 출소 후 보복 하겠다는 협박편지를 받았다고 증언했고,  그의 교도소 동기도 A씨가 출소 후 보복해야 할 여자들이 있다고 자랑하듯이 말했다고 제보했다. - 이젠 나라가 범죄자들을 키워낸다고밖엔 생각안됨 피해자가 피의자 진술조차 알아낼수없어서 공범이 도와줘야한다는게 말이됨..? 저 놈은 전과 18범 총 44번의 범죄이력이 있는놈이라 전여친분이 피해자분을 도운걸 너무나 잘 알고있어서 그분한테까지 보복 예고를 함. 그러나 이분들은 저놈이 출소해도 알수있는게 아무것도없음ㅅㅂ..... 법을 하나부터 열까지 다 뜯어고쳐야됨 더쿠펌 아니 ㅅㅂ 명백한 가해자에게 방어권 따위가 왜 필요한 거야 피의자 인권은 존나 생각해주고 피해자는 인권이 없네 이 나라는 내가 나쁜일 당하면 내잘못이 되고 내가 피해서 살아야 하는 개같은 나라