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Name: Lim Chang Kyun (아이엠) Position: Rap, Maknae Birthday: January 26, 1996 Zodiac sign: Aquarius Height: 175cm (59″) Weight: 65kg (143lbs) Blood Type: O I.M facts: He was the 6th trainee announced as a member of Monsta X (after survival TV show No Mercy). I.M is from Gwangju. I.M joined with other trainees in No.Mercy Mission 4. (When he was announced as a new trainee the other members werent too happy about this decision.) I still hate how they treated him at first. I have so many theories about that show. Dont even get me started. If you want to know the theories though, hmu. His role model is his father. He lived abroad a lot during his childhood, because his father was a scientist and his work demanded of him to travel around the world. He leaved 3 years in Boston and 4 years in Israel. He once wanted to pursue science and education. Changkyun, why? Science and math are two of my worst subjects. He can speak English fluently. At this point, I dont even think I can speak fluently, so you go booboo! He was supposed to debut in another group in 2014 (NuBility), but plans fell through in the last minute, since he decided to leave the group. He was a Starship trainee for 2 years. Due to living abroad his English is fluent (Hes the member with the best English in Monsta X). Jooheon has good English too, though! He still loves travelling and his favorite place to be in is Osaka, Japan. In the dorm he is the most quiet member. In an interview I.M confirmed that he likes to look a lot in the mirror. Hes sexy and he knows it. Im sorry. When he was younger, once he dissected a rat in his dads lab. His father owns an orchard. He doesnt like to stay much inside and he prefers to be outside. (Once, during Weekly Idol he complained that Monsta X stays too much indoor). He originally was left-handed. Originally? ORIGINALLY?!?! I AM left-handed! Theres no originally about that! Ok, but this is seriously so interesting to me. Definitely not something Im used to reading when looking at fun facts. Once he wakes up he usually checks his schedule. One of his nicknames is Kookang (= puppy) and was given to him by Wonho. He really is like a puppy, though! I.M said that he was more nervous when he performed Mirotic by TVXQ than he was in the finale of No.Mercy. (160612 Monsta X Cut (TVXQ! mirotic) @ MCD Backstage) When he was asked why he keeps biting Shownus arms, I.M said His arms are delicious. (161025 Monsta X on After School Club) Please stop biting him, I.M! I get it, he tastes yummy, but please stop. Why do I pick biases with biting issues?! He keeps skin moisturizer in the dorms fridge (which he shares with Kihyun). He likes playing games with Kihyun. He writes a lot of the songs lyrics with Jooheon. He always prays before eating. (Like Jooheon) One of his favorite songs is Lucia by Daman. One of his favorite English phrases is Do what you love and love what you do. Aww this is so cute! Hobbies: Writing songs, hanging out with his group mates. Among Monsta X members he said he is the closest to Jooheon. I.M loves candles and the mood they spread. Hyungwon once said that he observed I.M staring deeply into a candles flame. (Monsta X Asta TV Interview) I.Ms definition of love: Giving up the most delicious drumstick. Its cherishing someone more than yourself. (Sparkling Magazine Interview) I.M ideals type: I look at the persons personality. Ok guys! You read that! All we gotta do is impress him with our personality! Jk jk. I wish it was that easy. Fun facts found here Ok, so the stuff in bold are just the comments I wanted to make. Im still slightly offended over the ORIGINALLY left handed thing. If I could have switched to being right handed when I was little, I would have. But no, I wanted to be left handed! Now look at me! A left hander living in a right handed world! I just remembered that we had left handed desks at my high school, and one of my teachers told me to sit in them since I was left handed. My reply was that it just didnt feel right. I wasnt even trying to make a pun.
Cool! Another idol to share my birthday with
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Me too!
Cutie ♡♡
Some countries still force lefties to switch hands for writing and stuff. A teacher tried it once with me, and my mother had to go to the school and complain. I can actually do a lot of things right handed as well as I can left handed now.
I actually switch for a lot of things as well! Like I throw with my left, but bat with my right and things like that. When my mom was little, she went to a catholic school, and she said she was forced to start using her right hand for writing and everything. It's crazy how much has changed over the years.