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BTS Appreciation Week Day 4: FAVORITE PERFORMANCES !!

This one was also a hard card to make! BTS performances are always so powerful and full of energy !! So for this card i decided to pick 7 of my favorite performances because there are 7 members of BTS!

* Here are my top 7 BTS performances in order by year!

BTS - No More Dream + Raise of Bangtan + Nice to meet you at 2013 Melon Music Award

BTS - Just One Day @ Show Champion 2014

BTS- War Of Harmone @ Music Core 2014

BTS- Lovers High (Converse High) @ Mcountdown 2015

BTS- I Need U @ Picnic Live 2015

BTS- Let Me Know HYYH 화양연화 On Stage 2016

Boy Meets Evil Part.1 + Boy Meets Evil Part.2 + Blood Sweat&Tears @ MAMA 2016


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look at them young lads over the years. /shed tears/ when you say it's hard to make this card, I feel you. If I were to make a list of my fav stages, it will be full of their year-end-performances and concerts and---man it's hard to choose. hahaha
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they are the best
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really good work👍👍...they are the best
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Tag me plz
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