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2020 Ford Bronco - After many years of speculations, Ford released information that the 2020 Ford Bronco is on its way. One of the most beloved SUVs in the North America is coming back. We all knew that the new generation of Bronco would be released sooner or later, but it seems that we have waited too long.
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2020 Ford Bronco history review
The Multi-Purpose Vehicle, term predating SUV, was originally released over 50 years ago. The original model was an off-road vehicle with a simple styling focused on the economy. In the first year almost 24,000 units were sold which was a great success at the time (it was the second-best vehicle in terms of sales, right after CJ-5). Throughout the 20th century, it went through several generations. The latest one was being produced between 1992 and 1996 when the production was finally discontinued. The last generation was focused entirely on safety thus several additional safety features were installed. Ford Expedition was introduced as its successor, however, it could not satisfy the craving market.