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Full version of Boy Meets Evil?
I was watching BTS performance at MAMA for like the millionth time and I paid extra attention to the song playing in Jimin's solo part and it just came to me. What if it's part of Boy Meets Evil but of a fuller version? BTS have done this to us before. They put out a song that isn't all that long and then later give us the full version. For example Love Is Not Over and House Of Cards. And know that it's been confirmed that they will be having a comeback in February, it just makes me think all the more that there really will be a full version to Boy Meets Evil. Or it could just be a sneak peek to a whole new song. Either way I'm 100% sure that the song played for Jimin's solo will be in the new Wings album one way or another. I really hope it is though, I really loved that little part. I just want to share this with fellow Armys and hear what you all think? Hopefully I'm not the only one who thought of this. @kpopandkimchi