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Looking for people that play Naruto Blazing ^^ wanna make a team
looking for people that acully play a decent amount if time?wanna have a team that i play with? anyone??
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im always tired after work so i dont watch anime like i used to
a month agoReply
haa same
24 days agoReply
still need to catch up on one piece but so tired after hanging drywall all day
24 days ago
whaa!! you do drywall hahaaa same here bro i just got off to
23 days agoReply
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hell yaa ,pretty good money
21 days ago
i never stared one peice haa is it good,hows the romance?
23 days agoReply
really isnt romance maybe here and their but its really good. thats my opinion on it though.
23 days ago
hmm ima have to watch sum
21 days agoReply