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What's up guys! For today's card I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. Just to see how our little maknae has grown over the years. He has grown into a mature and talented performer and actor.

Pre-Debut Days

He looks so innocent and so squishy! Also check out his audition video!

Check out his audition video!!!

He maintained this cute little boy vibe for SHINee's first few comebacks. But when SM chose him to debut solo, he decided it was time to put out a more mature look. It started with "Danger" and "Ace". Check out the album here
Some pics during that era(2015)
But our cute maknae never lost sight of who he really was. :)
Also he came back again with his full album "Press It" with title song "Press My Number" and another MV release "Drip Drop" that both showed off his superior dance moves.
No matter how adult my baby maknae gets he will still be a baby. He was my first maknae crush and with their latest live performance of "feel good and tell me what to do" I swear I can't look at his eyes I forget everything and let my heart race...
I"ve watched him grow up over the years, but I still can't help but see him as a baby maknae.
He has changed a lot, but still so cute and sexy!
Boy did he grow up...and how! T_T