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LATEST UPDATE!!! I got this from Grin. Giving myself a big pat on the back for being so fast ===================================== From the QIHM Staff: In today's episode, there will be a very shocking event. Even the staff were shocked when they read Episode 16's script! I know that there are many viewers that like action sequences, and there will be one TONIGHT! Source: I'm doing the Live Recaps tonight guys here join me at 11pm KST lets watch the ending TOGETHER!!!
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"bated" (not "bsted)...LOL!
Now I'm really confused, excited, anxious...I hope it's not too much to ask of the writers to please, please, please allow our OTP to find their way back to each other, with memories intact somehow. Thanks Luka for your updates! I'll be waiting with bsted breath to see how the finale unfolds.
im sooooo excited!
Wow, its great, its the first time i feel what a few hours could be so long long long.
@whatever thank you darlin for ur support!!! Yup just look for the button that says "f/t" its one of the circular buttons above - next to the pencil symbol! can you see it? Just click on it and you can share easily on FB or Twitter with all other equally obsessed QIHM fans heehee
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