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Hello InnerCircle! Its Melissa, one of Winner mod supporters. Today is Seunghoon Thursday/. We will be showing some love and appreciation for him. We will also continue to celebrate his Birthday.
Here some information about our baby Lion. Stage Name: Seunghoon Real Name: Lee Seung Hoon Nicknames: Hip-Hop Baby Lion Birth Date: January 11, 1992 Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Choreographer Height: 179 cm Weight: 63 kg Hometown: Busan, South Korea Blood Type: A Hobbies: Writing lyrics Specialties: Dancing Trivia: – Is a former contestant of K-Pop Star Season 1, where he came in fourth place – Was also a former contestant on a reality singing show – Admits to having wanted to be a part of YG Entertainment ever since he was in high school – Because his rooftop room was right by YG Entertainment’s building growing up, he states that “at night he would stare at [it] and dream of making it big there” – Can speak Japanese – His Chinese zodiac is the sheep, and his astrological star sign is the Capricorn
Let the party continue on! Let's continue to celebrate Seunghoon's 26th Birthday. Winner celebrate his Birthday on V app. You can watch videos on V LIVE. Well that's all for Seunghoon Thursday. I hope you enjoyed yourselves at Seunghoon's party!
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