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So i thought id share my manga collection with you guys and talk about each serises in seprate cards :) This is my over all collection...
*minus the 23 one piece that i dont have room for on my shelf* I NEED TO BUY A BIGGER BOOK CASE! Do any of you wonderful beans collect manga??
I wish! My room wouldn't have enough room for it. I read what I can find on ZingBox but I wish I could physically hold it in my hands and turn pages. I can only do that with the ones in libraries. This is actually one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life tbh tho.
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sadly no, not yet. But I read a lot in search of one😊@whatamooy
I collect more anime than manga but I do have the whole betrayal knows my name series
i have a lot of manga in my room on my biggest shelf but my novels out way my manga by a lot. i need more bookshelves too and more books/manga
I use to buy alot because 15 years ago there wasn't an easy way to read it over the internet. Now I only buy the ones I really like and have already read. It sucks though because sometimes a company will drop a project before they finish the series and then you will forever have an incomplete series. That is the main reason I started reading manga on the internet because they never finished translating Ichigo 100%. Which by the way is a great manga.
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My grandfather father started a collection of marvel comics before I was born and paid for all of them until I was 18 when I took over. I kept collecting up until about two years ago when marvel started changing things too much in my opinion. And I just lost interest.
i collect pokemon cards xD
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@animerob29 i think its called art and artifacts i know the cover is red