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This video was supposed to be about a cafe with really yummy toast (and it still is!) but as I was walking back to the bus stop to go to work, I had to pass JYP.

And guess who I saw?!

*and no, the blue haired guy definitely wasnt yugyeom...maybe a trainee or someone i dont know from another company? or perhaps backup dancer? not sure but def not yugyeom... hm....

He's super tan in real life?!!!!!!

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Yugyy n jackson 😍
a year ago·Reply
This question is off topic but was there a long process for you to go through when you moved to Korea?
a year ago·Reply
not at all! just applied for my visa with my company and thats it :)
a year ago
That is so cool
a year ago·Reply
That's so great 😂 (The toast AND Jackson)
a year ago·Reply
how much is it to live there and how did you learn korean like... hmm
a year ago·Reply