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OH MY GOD! Okay, where do I start? Oh yeah! OMG WHAT TF IS THIS?! ARE YOU EVEN SPEAKING KOREAN?! It sounds like a goat just died! So, if you all know the YouTuber Reaction Time then you know this crazy girl that I'm surprised is liked by people (because she's done crazy shit) Schimtty or however you spell it. She did a cover of "Call me Baby" by EXO nothing bad right? No, until I heard what she was saying. My ears have heard something they would like to unhear. She wasn't singing the lyrics right, she wasn't speaking Korean, and she was soooo off key! She wasn't even rolling with the music. She can't even sing. I know I sound rude but I can't stand this woman! She didn't bother learning the song! She's literally reading the lyrics off her computer! She doesn't know what she's saying! I wish it would get taken down! She also completely runied Sehun's part @ElleHolley Rant over.
TerryTV reacted to it and let's just say his reaction was everyone!
She's a troll who enjoys people ranting like this
Very true! She's also crazy since she thought the earth was flat.
oh it can't be that bad *clicks on the video*
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TERRYTV was right about rip headphones users