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Okay here it goes:

So, I was Rose (BLACKPINK) but I was also me, who will now be the new Rose for BP (this is a dream guys, IDK what is happening)
There was some rumor about me/Rose spreading and Jennie and Lisa really hated me and didn't trust me anymore - especially Lisa. She like, actually yelled at me in my dream hahaha
We were in some kind of classroom, and you could tell that the rumor was spreading and other idols in the classroom were thinking of not trusting me.

That's when I walked by Jisoo and she talked to me, realized I was innocent of whatever the rumor was, and decided she needed to help me.

She could help me by being really open about how she trusts me, and by being my close friend.

She asked to borrow a chair from another table so I could sit at her table in class, and guess what - it was Suga's chair.

For some reason, after he let us take his chair, he decided to sit at our table with us, so its just me, Jisoo, and Suga (blonde Suga in case you're wondering)
Then I was suddenly just walking around Tokyo (???) practicing 'Playing With Fire' and hoping that I could perform as well as the real Rose for whatever next song BP comes out with.

So basically, get ready guys cause I'm making my Kpop debut with Blackpink for their next single hahahhahahahahha

I remember having a dream that I challenged Jackson to a Pokemon battle and mark was a Pokemon
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markachu was the best Pokemon I've seen in my dream
Lol I once dreamt I was having a rap battle with Sehun in the middle of a desert
Mine are sometimes Korean models or actors even the idols too 🙂😌
casually walking around Tokyo all of a sudden XD
awesome! lol
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