Two days on the gun range, and I still haven't qualified. But I'm getting better! My scores went 69.7 to 67.3 twice to 73.3 to 79.3. I need two 80s to qualify, and I only have 4 chances left. I am confident I will get it tomorrow, though. Yesterday, I got a bit frustrated. I (and the other T's) only got to shoot once (two qualification attempts), while everyone else shot 4 to 6 times. They skipped all around and over and under us. They didn't intend to, but they are rather disorganized due to the overwhelming class size...they normally train half the size of our current class, and aren't really equipped for so many people to qualify for firearms. They were a little more organized today, but I still only got to shoot once (two qualification attempts). When I did go up to shoot, though, we interesting experience. The instructor was about to tell us to pick up our firearms, when he suddenly shouted "Son of a b***h! I'm to old for this s**t! I turned my head to see if he was okay, and got hit with an overpowering smell that caused my sunburnt face, my eyes, nose, and throat to burn. My first thought was that someone had bumped a pepper spray canister and that they probably wanted us to clear the line, but I was ordered to remain on the line, so I stayed. The instructor informed us that it was tear gas, and suggested that we breathe slowly through our noses. I did as he said and it almost immediately stopped the burning. The gentlemen beside me didn't fare as well, and complained about the burn for a few minutes. Someone off-range screamed and ran around like she was being eaten alive by fire ants. When the air was clear and people were feeling better, we resumed preparing to shoot. I was proud of myself, though. I never panicked and I was able to think clearly the whole time. I know it's not on par with pepper spray, but I believe I might be able to keep my wits when I do have to get sprayed. At this moment, I'm just hoping to qualify on forearms so I will be able to return next week. I can do this! I'm sure of it!
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