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my favorite ending has got to be every heart by BoA
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Love this song also!!!
Almost forgot about this! Thanks love this NAKAMA!!
and she's the reason along with other groups, of how I got into kpop @LuffyNewman @Gibbous1992
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Haha I talked to someone a short while ago who said she was finishing up binging it. I haven't watched it, never really been a big sports anime person but it's bc I've never actually watched many but I've heard it's good. And your lie in April is beautiful and amazing but feels train like no other. On par or above clannad or Kimi no Na wa. Aka Your Name. If you haven't seen either of those I highly suggest it. "Your Name" is now the #1 ranked anime on Myanimelist it's a 9.39 I believe which FMA brotherhood was voted the #1 anime in Japan of all time a couple years ago and has always been the #1 ranked anime until now that the movie your name came out and it even made like over 100 million in theatres in Japan in like a week or few weeks. Broke records I believe but if you have seen it or do watch it which I'd say put down everything and watch it now bc it's the best romance movie of all time, even over any live action "real" people movies as I call them. Haha. I stopped diamond at 30 so I have 9 left and am gonna binge then probably all after I finish eureka now that your reminded me. Haha you watch some awesome anime NAKAMA!! I have like 40 plus currently watching anime and I'm bingin eureka seven which I've seen twice already, and that's all sequels and everything and it isn't even on my currently watching list haha. What am I doing with me anime life haha so unorganized, but I'm sure you know when you get that feeling for a certain anime now matter how many times you've seen it you just gotta watch it. Idk how many times I've watched Nausicaa valley of the wind, probably at one point like 25 times in just a month haha I was on a hardcore ghibli, mainly Miyazaki sensei binge feel haha!!
I have some of BoA's songs on my phone. :)
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Hecks yeah!
been following boa since she first debuted but my favorite ending is fukai mori