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Hey fam!

So this card is late today as my PC decided to kill one of my wireless internet connectors so I am doing this from my laptop lol.


I am here to bring to you an intro of Jonghyun and acting/other things Jungshin has been in! (We are all dividing intros this week so be sure to check the other's cards as well to leave more about each member!)

Anywho, LET'S GO~

Let's do Jonghyun first...

Birth Name: Lee Jong Hyun
Stage Name: Jonghyun
Birthday: May 15, 1990
Position: Guitarist, Vocalist
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Instruments: Guitar, piano, bass guitar, and harmonica
-He was born in Busan, South Korea
Instagram: @cnbluegt

He is so talented...

He is definitely my bias~ XD

Now to the cutie Jungshin...


He modeled for fashion designer Song Hye Myung for his "2010 Seoul Collection".
He was picked to be a runway model for Seoul's Fashion Walk show, this time for fashion designer Song Ji Oh.
He was also featured as the main model in Cosmopolitan Magazine's May issue with model Choi Joon Young.
Singles Magazine's May 2012 issue also features Jungshin!
(I couldn't find any photos for the first one so I just did another from the second one! They are also in order of mention as well.)

Acting Career

2011 - He was in 4minute's Heart to Heart
2012 - He debuted in the drama Seoyoung, My Daughter and since then he's been active as an actor. He also made a cameo appearance in My Husband Got a Family.
2013 - He appeared in the drama The Blade and Petal and Cheongdam-dong 111.
2014 - He appeared in the drama Temptation which starred Choi Ji-woo and Kwon Sang-woo.
2015 - He acted as a student who had to take the college entrance exam a second time in drama special Thank You, My Son. He also made a cameo appearance in The Girl Who Sees Smells.
2016 - He was one of the 'knights' in the tvN drama Cinderella and the Four Knights, acting as Kang Seo Woo (I FREAKING LOVED HIM IN THIS BTW!)
2017 - He will appear in the drama My Sassy Girl.
(Pictures are in order of mention^^)
HE HAS BEEN IN SO MUCH. My lord... I have some things to watch LOL

Well, I definitely learned some things!

I hope you guys did too! ;)

See you guys next Thursday! XD

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CN Blue is all visuals. It's so hard to choose a bias, since all 4 of them are so sweet and adorable.
Right? I love all of them. Especially when they are on variety shows... they are the best! 😄😍
He is so cute. I loved in Cinderella and Four Knights!
I miss Jungshin's long hair