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I can't believe I'm going to do this to Kooki, but I am. it will make people happy in the future! So you get Kooki's view this chapter!
Kookie view** I left the studio upset. I was okay, well I would get over it and be happy for my friend to find someone, but they just seemed to be gloating that he got her. I hated that, it made me angry. I passed by Yoongi who was just getting off the phone, probably with Keri. God she was the one that started all this with making new friends and bringing them into our circle. I sighed, no I couldn't think badly about Keri, with how few friends and such an anti social person,but one of the nicest caring people I knew. she deserved to have a good guy and nice friends, like Layla. "Yo kook! Where are you going?" Yoongi called out.  I was too deep in thought that I didn't answer, I just walked out. I had my phone on me and a couple bucks if I got thirsty. I stated running, heading towards a bike path. As I ran I cleared my mind, Layla, I could care for her like a friend, like I did Keri. My best friends girlfriend. After that I started clearing my mind again. When it started to get shady I looked around me confused.  I was no longer running out on the open part of the path but in the brush. At the other side, when it opened up I saw a bench and decided to rest for a minute. My hands were shaking as I put them on my knees trying to catch my breath. My shirt was sticking to my skin from the sweat.  I sat there until my body started to cool down before I got up from the bench and stretched. With the sweat coming down my brow, I pulled the bottom of my shirt up to wipe my face. I heard an intake of breath, a squeak and then a thud. Dropping my shirt I looked around to see a girl getting to her feet. That suprised me. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yea, yes. I'm fine. Ah I'm running late though" she said. "Okay" I said. She nodded her head, her messy ponytail bouncy and then she was off, running past me. After a couple minutes. I started to jog again I could round this and then come up to a store to grab some water. I got there and grabbed a water bottle and decided a snack would be good.  The store had ramen cups and at the back of the store I heated it up and made myself kimchi ramen noodles. I stood at the counter looking out and watched the people.  There was a group across the way at the park. It looked like they were dancing. I watched as they practiced. There seemed to be some pretty good dancers over there. I lost track of time. By the time I got back to the studio it was already Turing dark. The guys were no longer there so I had the room to myself.  For some reason I found myself remembering that dance I watched and tried it myself. It took several tries before I got most of it down. "Tired?" Someone asked coming into the room. I was laying flat on the ground exhausted. Jin had walked in. "Yes" I said. Jin sat down beside me. "You hungry?" He asked. "No" I nodded. "Come on, let's head to the dorm. Me and yoongi are going to make food" Jin said. "nah. I'm going to the gym to work out. I'm done practicing" I said. "kook, what's going on your working yourself so much today?" Jin asked. " Just need to get rid of some of my feelings" I said sitting up. Jin lent me a hand and I grabbed it to pull myself up. "what kind of emotions?" jin asked. "I'm just frustrated and angry" I shrugged. "I'll exhaust myself til I can't think of it anymore" I said "don't work yourself to hard. When you crash, you'll feel better when you wake up next." Jin said clapping a hand on my shoulder. "thanks. hope your right" I nodded. "and if not we'll get a good meal and make you happy through your stomach" he grinned making me crack a smile.
***** Jin had appeared! awe hyung you are being nice! I like how he appears and is nice to kooki! and boy oh boy!!! I also have a wedding coming up this weekend so if I don't post, may post once or twice between now and Monday but just FYI if I don't my reason for so! Cuz it won't be for lack of ideas lol
Awwww.....Jin.....always thinking of his maknae and food. Poor Kookie needs a hug. Have fun at the wedding...no picking up strange drunk guys though.
lol yup Jin always thinking of food and his friends! 💙 and yes no trouble with picking up drunk guys, its a family member wedding 😂🙈🎊🎉
awe kooki....why you test my heart like this. awe jin being the good Eomma that he is.....awe I really love this and I bet that girl he ran into is a dancer....
def a dancer coming! Its going to be interesting soon 🎉
now question did the girl freak at kookie's abs and fall? Cuz that would be me lol
um prolly the reason she fell 😂😂😂
Is it Miaaaa??❤️❤️ Omygosh if it is...it would be so cute that they're friends of friends linking to each other ❤️❤️❤️ I can't wait for the next chapterrr
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what picture? my prof pic? I made it lolol
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