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I'm surprised his phone is still working. My daughter has broken phone cases, three hand phones, and a tablet. Some people are just destructive with electronics. I don't know if a case will help Jeongguk unless it's made out of military armor. I'm beginning to think my daughter needs something strong like it herself.
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If it's lifetime I agree.
10 months ago
The phone case I have for my phone is really good and it's lasted longer then the other ones I've had. The part that actually holds the phone is hard rubber, and the back is plastic. I bought mine through Amazon because I wanted a unique back design for it 😊
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I got mine from Amazon and it has a compartment for my dl and cc to go in that's hidden. I love it.
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My phone falls all the time, but it has never cracked
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Wow, mines an android too, maybe mine just werent stong enough 😆 But yeah same with my friends who have iphones 😮😮
10 months ago
Awwww poor Kookie!!! I hope his phone isn't that broken cX
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