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Hey! Bella again! I promise it's almost the last card. I will be uploading on any day I guess representing Kwangmin! I hope you all enjoy my cards that I'll be making! Now, let's learn a bit about me shall we.
-My name is Isabella. I'm 16 years old and a sophomore in high school -My favorite groups are EXO, VIXX, NCT, SF9, SHINee, and BEAST -My biases are EXO Kai Luhan Kris Lay, VIXX Leo and Ken, BTS V and Jin, NCT Taeyong Yuta and Hansol, and SF9 Zuho -I've been intk kpop for about 1.5 years now. The first group I listened to was BIGBANG and their song Fantastic Baby -I'm the Moderator of the MONSTA X Community -Oh, and I also dye my hair a lot xD
Name: Jo Kwangmin (조광민), Nickname: Pikachu Position: Rapper Birthday: April 24, 1995 Blood Type: A Height: a bit over 180CM Star Sign: Taurus Favourite colour: Black Idol: Chris Brown Educational Background : School of Performing Arts Seoul Experience: Truth game, All my love Random Facts 1. Kwangmin is the younger twin 2. Kwangmin has a slightly deeper voice than Youngmin 3. The twins have a younger brother named Hyunmin 4. Kwangmin and Youngmin can’t do gag, their gags are not funny at all 5. Kwangmin is known as the prankster 6. The twins are known as SS501 Kim Hyun Joong’s look-a-like