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prepare your hearts Angels... it's C.A.P day and if you dont know C.A.P yet... well you're about to
The Basics: Birth name: Bang Min Soo Stage Name: C.A.P Birth Date: 11/4/1992 Height: 178 cm Family: Has 2 older sisters
Teen Top Facts: -Auditioned for Top Media at the same time as Niel and Changjo -Was the fist member of Teen Top -Was given the leader role because he was the oldest. At first he thought the role was burdensome because he was so young at the time -Rapper
Favorite Things: Color: Lavender Sports: All Hobbies: Drawing, Composing, Designing, Working Out
C.A.P can sometimes appear to be scary but he is nothing but a squishy marshmallow. He cares about his friends and family more than himself. For real, he is a super kind soul.
He made me put these here... See you next week! (Warning: it will only get deadlier)
thank goodness you put danger...I was prepared until that 3rd pic lol
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😂😂😂😂😂 him and the decision of with shirt or shirtless lmbo
For some reason I thought he was older than that.