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Summary: a girl who believes love is nothing but a notion for the weak and a boy who thinks that love is all physical.
A/N: Hey guys this is a new series I am currently working on!! I hope you guys enjoy this story!! I am trying to improve my writing so please go ahead and tell me any criticisms.
"Jackson! What the fuck?" The screaming woman said as she slapped the man across the face. Everyone in the cafe then had their eyes on the trio sitting in the corner. "What I told you didn't I that this was a temporary thing." She scoffed,"You could've told me that it was over so I didn't lay around wondering and waiting when you'll text me next."
"I don't have to do anything. You're the one who wanted to start seeing each other in the first place." The man said arrogantly as he rubbed the part of his face that the woman slapped.
You scoffed and turned around to face your best friend who seemed to still be engrossed in the drama. You then kicked him on the shin. "Jimin!"
"Ah! Ow! What?" You rolled your eyes as you held up the empty poster board,"We need to finish." He then sighed,"Ughh! why it's not due for another 2 weeks." You then clicked your tongue three times as you held out your index finger waving it left to right,"That's not the way to success Jimin. And besides I already told you that I am busy this whole week. And next week I have my exhibit for the Photography club so this week I MUST focus on taking photos." He scoffed,"It's not like it's a real exhibit." You glared at him,"Do you want to die?" You said as you motioned to hit him with the poster board. "Jimin flinched and laughed,"Fine but I have a date later with Nayeon so make it fast." You nodded,"Okay then let's get to work." He nodded,"Okay fine."
We then started to draw on the poster after the hour long research we had just finished. "Jiminie~" You looked up to see Nayeon. "Oh Nayeon. I thought we weren't seeing each other for another 2 hours?" Nayeon then snaked her arms around him,"I missed you..." She said with a pout. Jimin laughed as he got up turned around and kissed her. "Me too but I really have to finish this with Y/N then we can go."
"I'll help!" You shook your head,"It's fine I'll just finish the rest." Jimin's eyes lit up as if you just solved world hunger,"Really thanks you're a lifesaver!" He then grabbed his bag and coffee and left as Nayeon waved goodbye to me. You waved back smiling. You loved seeing your best friend happy. He and Nayeon have been together for so long you are sure they were bound to get married.
You just watched as he left and sighed. You took a sip of your coffee as you put all your stuff in your bag. You then stood up and headed out of the cafe. "Yoongi! What the heck you can't just cancel on me like this." You stared at the woman on the phone,"Hello?! Yoongi! Ughh!" You watched as she looked at her phone obviously pissed off at whoever is at the end of the phone,"What are you looking at?!"
You scoffed,"Nothing lady, relax." She scoffed but before she can say anything you had already made your way to your old beat up van. You never understood these girls. A boy treats you like that they must have some type of street reputation right? So why waste any time on them? You then shook your head in disapproval and whispered to yourself,"Idiots."
You placed your keys in the ignition and turned it to hear the engine begin to roar. You sighed as you shifted the gears and began to listen to the radio. Big Bang's new song was playing everywhere and honestly you loved it. The beat the lyrics everything was relatable for you.
You banged your head to the song and sang along to the lyrics of the song. An hour has passed and you finally reached your destination. You went ahead and parked your car. As soon as you got out you stretched your arms and legs sore from the long car ride. "Ahhh..." You then let out a yawn as you grabbed your photography equipment from the trunk of your van.
"Oh Y/N!" You smiled as you opened your arms for a hug,"Grammy! How you been?" She then smiled and hugged you tightly,"Wonderful now why're you here?" You then held up your camera,"Here to take some photos. Your backyard has always been my biggest muse." She then chuckles,"Well the beach is for everyone." You smiled as you went ahead inside her house.
As you walked in you looked at the knick knacks on her shelves. You then lifted the one of the angel holding a pink flower. You then grabbed your camera and snapped a picture. You continued to look at your grandmother's never ending knick knacks as she prepared the tea,"Y/N how's your mom and your dad?"
"They're good. Real cute actually but I don't get it." Your grandmother handed you the tea as you both sat down on the couch,"Get what?"
"You know being with someone. Even though you know they had cheated on you. Even though you know they might do it again." You hated your dad. You hated how he caused your mother so much pain. You hated how many men are just like him.
"Y/N have you ever seen someone and been drawn to them. Maybe out of curiosity or just simply because they piqued your interest?" You shook your head as you took a sip of the tea,"Then you can't possibly know how your mother feels."
"Then what? You're just supposed to take everything in and go with it? Just because you love them? That's kind of stupid don't you think?" Your grandma then laughed.
"I said your mother was inlove not smart hun. If she was she would've never married that scumbag father of yours." You then laughed and held out your thumbs,"I agree."
"But sometimes you just have to be stupid once in a while in life right? Otherwise your mother would never have given birth to a sassy mouthy child like you." You giggled as you grabbed your camera and snapped a picture of your grandmother smiling drinking tea as the sun hit her perfectly highlighting her best features.
"Hey!" She cried out as she reached for the camera,"Delete that!" You shook your head keeping the camera away from her reach,"No you look so good in this picture...I might use it for my exhibit next week." She just laughed and shook her head,"Fine do whatever you want." You smiled as you held up a heart with your hands,"Love you grammy." She just scoffed,"I know I know. Now why don't you go and sleep. You must be tired from the ride here."
You nodded as you helped yourself in the room your grandmother let you use since you were a child. You grabbed the white pajamas your grandmother had laid out for you. As you came out the bathroom you looked around the bedroom. Nothing about it has changed at all. The blue wallpaper, the little chestnut dresser and even the dent on the wall near the window. It's been 5 years since you last came to this house.
5 years ago when your mother sent you here thinking that your father was going to divorce her. Your mother loved you too much to let you experience that mess. You appreciated the effort but it's not like you didn't know. In fact you heard the late night quarrels between them. That year was the worst for you. Constantly locking yourself in your room. You were overwhelmed and lost with the sudden living arrangements but your grandmother made things bearable.
That's not what pissed you off about your mother though. It was the fact that she stayed. Your father begged her to stay and she did. Knowing how he cheated she still stayed. So you promised and swore to everyone who would listen that you will never be the stupid weaker one when it came to a relationship.
You then laid down on your bed looking out at the window watching the stars as your eyes began to feel heavier and heavier. Before you knew you had dozed off.
An alarm you set up had woken you up before sunrise. Still sleepy you rubbed your eyes and dragged your feet to the bathroom. You looked at the mirror and laughed at the horrific sight of your bed hair.
You grabbed your hair brush beginning your morning routine with brushing your hair, then brushing your teeth, washing your face and last but not least the moisturizer.
You were more or less awake now. You rushed into your room placing your camera and equipment in their bags as you walked out of the room. You were heading out when your grandma screamed from the garden,"Don't forget to bring sunscreen!"
"Okay I won't!" You ran back in the house and searched for the sunscreen that was just sitting on the oval coffee table. "Thanks Grammy!" You screamed as you headed towards the beach.
You speed walked to the beach hopefully capturing the moment the sun peeks out of the darkness for the first time today. When you got there the beach was almost empty it was just you and a young man. You set up your equipment as the sun began to rise.
You looked at the young man. He was very beautiful. Even more so when the first ray of sunshine hit his face. Unconsciously you took a picture of the young man. Almost as if though your hands had a mind of its own. Flustered at the realization that the click was heard by the young man you looked away pretending to take pictures and notice of other things.
"Don't you think you have to ask before taking a picture of someone." You put the camera down startled by the young man,"Sorry I didn't mean to it's just you looked so--"
"It's fine. I don't think I've seen you around before." The young man said as he approached you,"Uh no of course you haven't I just came here to take pictures. I usually live in Seoul." He slowly nodded,"Oh I see...I'm Kim Seokjin." You nodded smiling at the man,"I'm Choi Y/N. Well it was nice meeting you." You leaned down to grab your bags but before you can leave Seokjin grabbed you by the wrist,"Why don't I show you around?" You smiled and gently removed his hands from you,"Well I actually know this area very well I used to live here."
"Is that so...well how about you take me for breakfast in exchange for the photo I'm kind of starving." You laughed,"Okay then if it'll get your permission to use the photo."
You and Seokjin walked back home to your grandmother's. You had texted her to let her know you were bringing a guest. "My Grammy's cooking is no comparison to any restaurants so I'm sure you'll love it." Seokjin laughed,"Wow I've never been invited to meet a girl's family on the first date before." You scoffed your heart skipping a beat for a second,"Date? This is all business Mr. Kim." He then mockingly stood up straight,"Is that so Ms. Choi." You both let out a laugh so loud you were sure you woke up everything nearby that was asleep. You were amazed in how beautiful ones smile can be. It was as if though he was a beautiful sculpture.
When you got home you were greeted by your grandmother who had now started pulling weeds. Seokjin then ran to your grandmother's side and helped her pull weeds. You smiled at the pretty man and hit yourself as you caught yourself possibly beginning to fall for the stranger. You can't. You've avoided this type of feeling for so long and some stranger is not about to stir up some troubles in your life.
(( Will you let this beautiful stranger stir up trouble??))

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