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@SimplyAwkward haha and these which the posters came with the 2 box sets of manga I bought along with dozens of OP manga!! Haha One Piece truly is Love!! And Anime is Life 4Ever haha no doubt!! Studio Ghibli>Disney def hahaha
soooooooo awesome lol love the posters and the pillow soo jelly right now XD
Haha thanks NAKAMA!! I need so much more for truly representing our crew but this is a slow but sturdy start!! Can't get anywhere without believing!! Straw hat for life!!
Yaaass! i have that scroll...but im jelly of that pillow..need that in my life 😍
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@LadyL haha yeah I so would too! I would have a real Sunny Ship and a crew and sail but have to have wifi so I can watch anime and read haha. My $ would basically go to donations to people in need and then what's left for food and lifting and anime hardcore haha