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Lee Seung Gi, who is the official model for Pizza Hut Korea, and KBS‘s “Good Doctor” child actor Choi Ro Woon have teamed up to promote “New Double Box.” They filmed a new CF together and recently their behind-the-scene picture was out and mesmerises the hearts of many people. In the revealed pictures, Lee Seung Gi shows friendly and familial atmosphere with his various pose and facial expression. According to one filming staff, “Lee Seung Gi and Choi Ro Woon look and act like real brothers. They stretch the cheese on pizzas together, play with smartphones with their legs crossed, and they have charming dimples. It was cute to see even when they looked alike in the way that they were spacing out at a break from shooting.” Pizza Hut’s new CF, which features Lee Seung Gi and Choi Ro Woon’s heartwarming appearance, is scheduled to be aired on all Korean major television networks from October. Check out the full version of new CF clip below. Does it make you want to go out and get some “New Double Box”?
Now I want some Pizza Hut with extra cheese
lee seung gi i started to like u when i watch gu family book..and i find out ur acting is good..and a good singer too huh? talented oppa...keep it up!!!!