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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"
Part: Chapter 7
First Part: Introduction
Previous Part: Chapter 6
Next Part: Chapter 8
Warning: Nudity. Mentions of sexual frustration.
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Narrator's P.O.V:
"Good morning all," Taehyung giggled, walking into his store. Jimin walked in behind, smirking at how cute he was when he spoke to animals. He still found it weird, but then again, they were all weird.
Jimin brushed passed him to begin stocking in the back. He planned on staying in the back and keeping his face covered if he had to come to the front. Seeing as Kim Woo Bin had already been in the store, it'd cause problems if he saw Jimin. Even then, he had a plan in case such a thing were to happen. Yoongi was rubbing off on him, in more ways than one.
"Good morning Jen- Jen?" Taehyungs smile fell from his face, realizing that Jen's tank was empty. He tried to slip into her conscious to find her, but it was as if she didn't exist. He couldn't find her mind no mater how hard he tried, and his heartbeat quickened in panic. Where was she? Did she escape and get hurt... or worse? He looked up at the snake above her tank, and thought about slipping into his conscious to look through his memories, but was cut off by a hand on his shoulder.
He spun around so fast he thought he gave himself whiplash. In front of him, stood a bare naked girl who couldn't be any older than twenty-three. His eyes widened in shock and he couldn't help his eyes that began to wonder. A blush crawled onto his cheeks and he slapped his hands over his eyes.
"M-Ma'am you h-have to put on c-clothes if you want t-t-to be in here," He stuttered, pointing towards the door. The girl giggled a bit and he could've sworn that voice sounded tauntingly familiar.
"You've seen me naked plenty of times Tae, i don't know what the issue is-"
"Jen?!" He practically shouted in disbelief. His hand fell from his eyes and she smiled, nodding timidly. She brushed her long silver locks over her chocolate colored skin. The tips of them just barely covering her nipples. She wasn't shy, as she was used to being naked. She was just shy in front of the man who'd taken care of her for so long.
Taehyung swallowed a bit, trying to comprehend the situation before walking to the door. He flipped the sign from 'open' to 'closed' and ran back to her. He lovingly squeezed his arms around her, not caring that she was naked anymore. He smiled into her neck, breathing in the shockingly sweet scent of her hair, considering she'd been a snake for so long. Her arms slid around his waist, holing him just as close. She sighed against his chest, breathing in his heavy cologne that she knew he loved.
"My angel," He sighed, kissing her neck softly. "I've wanted to hold you so much. To hug you tight and snuggle the fuck out of you," he laughed deeply. She giggled and couldn't help the tears that fell from her eyes.
Jen was only fifteen when she met Taehyung, who was seventeen. She'd just found out about her powers and didn't know how to use them properly, so her family had to take her out of school for fear of her turning into any animal, and not being able to turn back. Her parents gave up on her after a week, and kicked her out at such a young age. She wanted nothing more than to slither away, and accidentally took form as a snake at the time. She wandered around for a while, crying and eating whatever animal she could, when Taehyung heard her. He'd just found out about his abilities as well when she'd slithered into his garden. They spoke everyday, went through so much together, and loved each other like a father and daughter would. Once he opened his pet store, she was the first animal to go in. He made sure she had the best habitat and the best food. He personally cleaned her, and fed her.
"I'm sorry, i should've told you i was a shapeshifter a long time ago," She sighed. He pulled away a bit, wiping her tears away gently. She noticed his eyes were a little red, as if he was holding back tears. He cupped her face in his hands, smoothing a thumb against her cheek before pecking her nose. Her heart fluttered when he gave her his cute boxy smile, and shook his head.
"It's fine. I'm sure you had your reasons. I could never be mad at you," he assured her. He ran his hands over her arms until they connected with her hands. He took them into his own and held them with a small smile on his face the whole time. She felt loved. This man, who acted more as a father than her own. This man, who smiled brightly even when he was sad. This man, who took care of her despite his own problems. He was her father. No one else would take that title. She would protect him from now on, no matter what.
"I've... I've been practicing my shape shifting when you close shop. It was extremely hard at first... but, eventually i got the hang of it. Now i can transform into anything and anyone," she smiled. He raised his eyebrows in shock, his jaw slacking to form an 'O' shape. She nodded, reaching up to close his mouth before hugging him once more.
"Taehyungie, where do i put- whoa... wow okay what," Jimin stood shocked at the sight in front of him. He could barely think straight with this beautiful dark skinned woman standing completely naked in the middle of the store. His eyes wandered over her body before he whipped around, shutting them tight. "Aish, no shoes, no shirt, no service woman!" He snapped, attempting to control himself. He could feel the pheromones building slowly inside him before he forced them down.
"Jimin, this is Jen. Y'know, the snake you and Jungkook thought was adorable and wouldn't stop playing with a few years ago? Turns out she's a shapeshifter." Taehyung explained calmly.
"Really?" He asked just as loud as Taehyung had been when he asked her name. He turned around, smiling shockingly. He couldn't believe it, but he knew that snake loved him. He no longer felt tempted by her body, knowing who she was.
"Yes squishy, it's me-"
"Jenyyyyyy!" He squealed, cutely jogging up to her and hugging her tightly. "Oh i missed you! I should've come to visit you more often! You should've told us you were a shapeshifter!" He blabbered on. She smiled, pulling away after a while and pinching his chubby-ish cheeks just as she always wanted too. He smiled adorably at her before his facial features changed to that of realization. "Oh, stand still," he spoke, examining her body closely.
She allowed him to do as he wanted. He looked over her chest, arms, waist, thighs, shoulders, you name it. He reached out to lift her arms out so he could see her shape better. Taehyung sighed, going behind the counter to get a tape measure.
"Just use this," Taehyung laughed, tossing him the tape. Jimin caught it, but shook his head.
"It's better if you do it. You know i affect people even without technically using my ability-"
"Oh don't be ridiculous," He shook his head, cutting Jimin off. "I trust you, and Yoongi trusts you. Use this experience to learn to exerciser some sort of control. Remember what Namjoon said. You need to learn control over your abilities, but also yourself. Besides, i closed early yesterday. I can't keep doing that. This is my source of income for the house, and you don't know how to work the register. And Woo Bin can't see you-"
"He's right," Jen smiled. She nodded, reassuring him as little and as best as she could. "Come on." She led him to the back room and he sighed, trudging along. He wasn't afraid of giving into the sexual frustration that came along with his abilities. He was afraid of her giving in and begging for him. A small touch and a glance from him was all it took for a normal human to be all over him. He was hoping, that because she had superhuman abilities like they did, she'd hold out better.
"Squishyyyy," she giggled, snapping him out of his thoughts. He smiled and nodded, ruffling her hair before giving her his phone. She easily typed in the code he gave her, and opened the notepad on it. He raised an eyebrow, confused a bit.
"You know how to work a phone? But haven't you been a snake for the past five years?"
"Yes but Taehyung never keeps me in the cage much when he's here. I'm almost always around his neck or arm and have watched him use his phone a lot," She smiled, spreading her arms and letting him take measurements. He laughed a bit, putting her arms down and telling her to just let him.
He started with the easiest, telling her to stand up completely straight against the wall till her heals touched it. She hissed at the cold against her bear skin, and he contemplated on if he should've given her his shirt or not. He sighed, moving to remove his shirt until she stopped him, shaking her head.
He nodded and measured her height from head to toe, pressing his nail against the exact inch.
"Fifty-three inches tall," he told her. She hummed typing it into the notepad and nodding for him to continue. "I only need your waist and bust size. Your thighs aren't too thick so i could figure it out just by looking at the pants." She nodded.
Jimin stood in front of her not bothering to look at her face. He reached around her back, taking the tape measure in both his hands. He pressed it against her back, bringing it to wrap around her bust loosely. His fingers brushed against her slightly as he looked at the numbers and she sighed, leaning forward a bit. She felt dizzy with the sudden growth of need inside of her, wanting nothing more than to press herself against him.
He held the tape in one hand to push her lightly back against the wall with the other. He could easily just absorb the sexual frustration from her, but he needed to buy her clothes right after he was done. He'd be a mess if he even attempted to do that. He didn't have enough control to attempt it.
"Type in thirty-four-C. It'll be easier for me." He smiled. She nodded, typing the information as best as she could with one hand as he moved the tape down to her waist. He tightened the tape measure a bit, but not too much. She jerked her hips a bit to feel more of his warm fingers against her skin, but he pushed her back against the wall, sighing. He couldn't get an accurate measurement because she kept moving.
"J-jiminie i'm sorry. I don't know w-why i'm acting like-"
"I know. It's not you, it's me, trust me," he laughed a bit. "You're not gonna stay still are you?" He looked up at her, and that was the worst thing he could do. She bit down on her lip, moving to dig her hands into his hair and he used that contact to stupidly absorb her frustration. He closed his eyes, willing himself to concentrate on controlling the steady flow. If he didn't rush it, his body wouldn't be forced to stuff all that frustration wherever it could. A slow and steady stream meant his body would adjust easier, and it did.
He was shocked as he opened is eyes, noting that his pupils weren't dilated and his cock wasn't twitching. He was perfectly fine. He'd managed to control himself.
"Are you okay now?" He smiled up at her. She blushed and looked away, nodding and mumbling a 'sorry.' He felt a twinge of sexual desire in him, but it wasn't overwhelming.
"Thirty-two inches." He said, and she nodded, typing it in.
"Also, you don't have to apologize," he offered her a smile. She nodded, looking down at her feet and wiggling her toes.
"So," he began, taking his phone and slipping it into his back pocket. "Remember J-Hope?"
Her eyes snapped up to his and she smiled, nodding her head as quickly as she could. Oh she remembered him. The moment she saw him, even though she was a snake at the time, she couldn't help but stare. The mere sight of his smile sent her into a frenzy. His laugh was music to her ears. He was so afraid of her and cried every time he saw her with Taehyung. Snakes scared the living shit out of him. She never took offense to it though, and found it adorable.
She remembered it all, especially when their families abandoned them all to find their way on their own. That was around the time his smile, laugh, and hope faded into nothingness. She could feel the darkness that grew over him from then on. He barely looked at her when she coiled around his ankle or arm. He wasn't scared from that day on. He never payed attention to her either, so she wasn't surprised he hadn't come see her. He probably forgot about her existence all together.
"Of course," she smiled. She fought back tears and the need to see him. She missed him and wanted nothing more than to hear him at least say her name. She wouldn't get much else out of him, but she could dream. "I want to see him... I need to see him," she sighed, shutting her eyes and leaning against the wall.
"-can teleport here. No it's not an emergency Kookie but there's someone who would like to see you and Hoby-hyung. Yes. Alright see ya," Jimin finished his phone call that Jen was only paying enough attention to hear the end of. He smiled and kissed her cheek before walking out to buy her some clothing.
All Jen could do was quickly look around for something to cover herself with. They were coming. She knew very well how Jungkook would react, but she didn't know how J-Hope would, and that scared her.
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