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Actress and TV personality Jung Ga Eun showed off So Ji Sub's sneaker gift, which was given to the entire cast and staff of 'Master's Sun'! Jung Ga Eun couldn't help but brag a bit as a So Ji Sub fangirl herself, writing on her Twitter, "I am a woman who received a gift from So Ji Sub. Friendly Ji Sub-sshi who bought sneakers for the entire cast and staff for doing a good job as the final filming draws near~ I will hold onto these sneakers forever." With her picture, Jung Ga Eun shows just how precious the gift is to her by holding them up close to her face and even giving it a kiss. She also got to take a snapshot with So Ji Sub, himself, who proved through his generous gesture that he's not only handsome on the outside but on the inside as well. cr to Master's Sun facebook
. . and sooo sexy, lucky girl indeed! ^^
@NorskyDesierto tot. agree one of a kind man
ooohhh and he is also generous, tst tst tst sooi lucky the girl he's going to mary he has all, tall, handsome, generous, a cafe, hot, nice eyes, beautifull hands,,mmmm what else,,,, yay have i tell it all hahaha entirely he's the man am looking for haha in my dreams:>
he is so hot