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Hi! I really apologize for updating really late. As I've said before, I was really busy because of school even during the holidays.
I also went into deep thoughts if I should continue this or not :( let's just hope that I'd get more motivation to continue this. :)
[ Yanna's POV ]
Everything's blurry.
I slowly opened my eyes to see the pale blue hue of the ceiling. It took a while for me to recognize the interior, and get the realization that I was lying on Taehyung's bed.
I was about to brush my hair with my hands when I felt something heavy stopping it from moving.
I saw Taehyung's head resting on his hand that was holding my left hand. He was sound asleep.....I was in the middle of admiring his features when images started to go on through my head. It were my distant memories - all those happy memories with him, the sad ones, the torture I went through back home........until the day of the accident.
I unconsciously pulled back my arm causing him to get woken up.
"Y-Yanna??? Are you okay? Are you feeling better now??" He squinted his eyes for a couple of times then stood up and cupped my face between his hands.
He was looking at me sternly causing me to look right into his deep dark eyes, but I immediately looked away and put down his hands.
"Is there something wrong, Yan? You can tell me. Hm?" He was trying to get my eyes to look at him again but I refused. I was feeling conflicted deep inside.
I felt flustered and sad. I felt angry, but mostly, I felt betrayed.
I could no longer look at him straight in the eye, but I answered him as polite and as I could despite feeling emotional.
"Yes, Tae. I'm fine. I just need some air."
"Oh? You should've told me sooner. Come let me take you out for a bit."
He was preparing to gesture and help me to stand up, then Yoongi and Jimin went inside Tae's room.
"Yanna! It's nice to see that you're awake. Are you alright?" Jimin said with a smile, in which I replied back with a smile and a soft nod.
"Ya! You scared me a while ago! Do yo--" Yoongi said with a bit of panic and concern showing in his voice, but before he could finish, I cut him off.
"Could you please accompany me outside?" I asked in a serious manner, looking straight at Yoongi's eyes, ignoring the man beside me.
"But I thought.." Taehyung said. His voice getting soft but he wasn't able to do anything as I stood up by myself and walked straight towards Yoongi, and held his arm to get out from that suffocating room.
Before we left, I glanced a bit at Tae's direction only to see his dark expression, staring blankly on the floor with a confused look, and his hands clenched.
Again, I apologize for a really late update.
I'd gladly receive comments if I should still continue this or not. If not, then maybe I'll end it with, let's say 5 more chapters. If I will, then I'll try my best to make the story longer and more interesting. :)
Leave your suggestions, requests, and reactions on the comments section below! If you want to be tagged, too, just comment below :))
WHAT IS THIS!!!!! what the what!!!!??? you cant do this to me!!! 😭😭 freaking ughhhh ldissbkshsijssoshsisjsjssj
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