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Blackpink win at Golden Disk Awards🏆

Hello guys ^^ YES THEY WON!!! (T~T)/ and they look so beautiful while winning💓✨
Here they are arriving at the awards ceremony, their outfits look amazing and they look flawless + I added a short video of their entrance +
And here they are accepting their Best New Artist award 🏆
Here's their speech, well Rosé really lol it's mostly just thanking the people who have helped them and of course they also thank their fans love and support.💕 And omg guys they have back up dancers towards the end of Playing With Fire 😱 this is the first time they have that!
That very first picture got me fucked up, they got my girl Jisoo, she's my side bias....I think anyway, lookin like a Christmas tree. She got tinsil and everything
omg I didn't think of it that way until now 😂😂
Awwwww!!! I'm soo happy for them!!
I'm so happy they won! and they won beautiful
They did :'D
They are so beautiful! ♡ Add me to the taglist please!
Done! 😊
Thank You ☺
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