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Sponge-Bob is Basically me right now lol

Sadly since the weather is crap, and the room temperature changes makes me feel like crap....Hopefully since it is just starting out I hope its a head cold because if I'm not able to eat, we're going to have a problem lol
But when I am sick I Love the feeling of laying in bed and sleeping and having your mom take care of you (like bring you food)
But actually when i'm sick, I lay in bed, i'm not sleeping i'm playing on my phone or watching anime (perferbably English Dub and a show i've already seen) and if i want food I have to go down stairs and my mom hands me food lol...Yes I'm 20 and still live at home, but i'm going school (ok I try to be funny when i'm sick lol)

The Show I watch when I'm Sick!

Yes I watch Lucky star when I'm sick, plus I really love Lucky Star

>You can skip the next card you can skip if you like its just me off my bonkers and just blabbering on<

Maybe I'll try something New!

Maybe listen to some creepy Stories, yes this is what I sometimes listen to
Lazy Masquerade: Youtube
Corpse Husband: Youtube

>And We're Back<

The Game I most Likely be playing is Love Live! School Idol Project! Or what ever is on my phone lol

So..What do you guys do when you're sick?

Are you like me where I talk about something very random or are you different?

My Pokemon Team

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I pay the I'm sick card to boss around my siblings. then when I'm sick of it I take medication and magically get better
vaporub is life
lay in bed and draw lol or read comics/Manga or watch Anime:)
el vapor...(vaporub) it's a cure all lol; I basically sleep, drink liquids and put on el vapor :) hope you feel better
Yes, that Spongebob one 👏👌
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