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Hello! It's Ashlei. How has your week been?
Today I wanted to share one of my favorite Authors on Vingle: @SweetDuella. She has a some really good stories out there and is currently working on "Coffee Break", a BTS fan fiction. My personal favorite is Kookie Monster, you can guess who the story involves!
Earlier I reach out to her a requested an interview, even though it is Friday the 13th luck seemed to be on my side as she agreed!
1) Please introduce yourself!
Hi I'm Jenni!
I love to write and fan fictions are one of my favorite things to do, before vingle I hadn't written one in a long time and I missed it, that I get to share my crazy stories with other people and see how much they love it too brings me to giggle fest's. Lol I laugh a lot.
2)When did you start writing?
I've been writing for a couple years now. I vary from doing fan fiction to writing my own stories. Writing lets me get all my imagination out.
3)What style/ genre are you most comfortable with writing and why?
I write a lot of romance stories, the sweet fluffy ones and every once in a while throw in a little angst or smut. I'm not that great at smut so I don't do a lot of those scenes but when writing a long story one thing leads to another and it comes out.
I will say the most comfortable thing I write is comedic like the random things that happen in live I like to incorporate into the stories.
4)In your opinion what is the best fan fic you have written?
I have a couple different stories and most of them bts. I admit I like "Kookie Monster" its a collaboration with my best friend.
That story is getting wrapped up at the moment. Most of the scenes that happen in this story are conversations that actually take place.
5)Promote one of your fan fic in five words or less!
I'll go with Coffee Break since its my Happy place. So 5 words :
Tons of Drama. Love. Friendships.
6) How do you deal with writer's block?
I write several stories at once because if I do get writers block on one I can go onto another idea.
Another way I get rid of it is I go out, take a walk change my scenery and do something different.
7)Do you have any advice for other writer out there?
If you have a wild imagination run with it and write.
I don't have a lot of advice just to give other then that.
I want to thank SweetDuella for doing the interview on such short notice! Please be sure to check out her fan fic, I promise you won't be disappointing! Tune in next week for the next meet the author!
The Fan Fic Mod team <3
Congrats Jenni!!!
yay!!! congrats Jen Jen @SweetDuella I'm so happy for you!!!! gotta admit jealous here but you write so amazing can't be too jealous lol
I want to thank you Ashlei for this! I was so happy to get asked by you!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ lots of love! 🐼🐼