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Hello guys happy Friday finally it Friday i had a stressful week but I get to relax now. Also I hope you guys like my fan fiction since I haven't wrote one in a while so hopefully I did good. If you missed my other two Inuyasha cards I will link it below hope you guys have a great Friday love y'all. Inuyasha spam day Life in Inuyasha's world Chapter one Once there was a kingdom of the underworld. Everything was perfect the king & queen were loved by their people & there're having a baby...you. All the people were happy & excited for you to be born for one after your parents are gone your the next in line two you will be the most powerful of them all since your parents both have great powers you get half & half of both of their powers but your power won't come until your 19. So your father has gone to Japan to find the most strongest male out there to protect you until your 19 to you, it silly that your father was getting someone to protect you, as all teenagers go through you can handle yourself. "Father I'm serious I can take care of myself I don't need no bodyguards." "Oh sweetie you don't know how it is out there it took me & your mother thousands & thousands of years to get this kingdom at peace & I don't want you to go yet before you get to serve your years." "But father what if I don't like him or her? What if they don't like me & wont protect me?? What if they fall in lo-" "Oh no no no I ask the man if he does fall in love with you while your not queen yet he shall lose all of his powers." "Father I think that's a little too much though & who's is this man?" Sorry had to leave y'all on a Cliffhanger but wait until next Friday πŸ˜‹ Squad Taglist SHIKON JEWEL SQUAD @Amobts @missminyoongi @Amazingashley @SimplyAwkward Shikon Jewels Taglist A: @AaliyahNewbell @AimeBolanos @AimeeH @AnimeLove300 @anyssa4444 B: @bapastro C: @CrookedShadow D: @Drageonix E: @ESwee F: @FayetheOtaku G: @Gibbous1992 I: @InfinitySky @introvert619 J: @JiyongKey K: @KenyaMendoza @KwonOfAKind N: @natkris20 @normabm7 O: @OtakuDemon10 S: @SimplyAwkward T: @Tamaki1618 @TeaTimeFoxy V: @VeronicaArtino @VKookie47 DO NOT COPY TAGLIST
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hmm, I'm intrigued so far... Also, I fell your pain; I also had a stressful week, but hopefully things will get better for both of us!
Glad to hear that & yes I hope next week is less stressful β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•