This past Thursday Lex celebrated his birthday with BIGFLO and Wave on their latest IDOL X IDOL broadcast. They had a great time from what I was able to watch before going into work. Earlier that day selcas were posted of all 6 members.
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Here's a summary of what went on according to fyeahbigflo: -They were filming in their living/dining room I think? -Lex addressed all the birthday comments (said he read them all on Twitter/Insta!) -EuiJin has a very outgoing, joking kinda personality (loud, tries to make members laugh, etc) -Started playing Wii games, EuiJin suggested old members team vs new members team -Started with EuiJin vs Ron playing a Tennis game - I think Ron won? -Then started playing Just Dance, first game was Sungmin vs Hightop (they were all very into it) - Hightop won, Sungmin died from exhaustion -Just Dance again, Lex vs Yuseong, dancing to Fantastic Baby (every member was singing and dancing to it they were having so much fun, Sungmin tried to sing the high note and ended up screaming it) - Yuseong won by a very small amount -Sat down for a minute to calm down, ate some snacks -Started doing Karaoke! - no teams to start -First song suggested was Twice TT - sung by Hightop, Lex, Sungmin, and EuiJin -Second song suggested was Beautiful (Goblin OST) - sung by Lex -Third song was BigBang If You - sung by Hightop and EuiJin -They started putting in random #s for songs -Fourth song was Arirang - sung by Ron -Split into teams, new members vs old members -New member teams’s song was Wax’s Smile Like a Fool (got a very high score of 99)I didn’t catch the name of old member team’s song, everyone was dancing to it -New member team got a higher score so they won! -Said it was almost over and did one last karaoke song - Ulala Session’s Beautiful Night, all members sang and danced -Said goodbye!
The next day HighTop posted this video to his IG account "Why was I like this.. Why was Sungminnie-hyung like that.. I don’t remember #Bigflo #Complete_Bigflo_IsBest"
There were also short clips that were posted to a Naver channel, Idol 99. There it has videos of idols showing off their talents for 99 seconds. -Lex singing Beautiful (Goblin Ost): -EuiJin dancing to “Fxxk It”: -Sungmin singing "Marry Me": -HighTop singing “I’ll Be There”: -Yuseong dancing to “Dara Dara”:
HighTop also posted this cool lil pic with the hashtags: #Goblin #KongTop #Top-blin #tvn #Bigflo
EuiJin's teaser video was posted! There's only two more members, HighTop and Lex, left before we get a tracklist, video teaser, image teasers!!! This comeback is so exciting! I'm anticipating so much slayage lol

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