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Stage Name: Zuho (주호)
Real Name: Baek Juho (백주호)
Position: Main Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: July 4, 1996 He is like a month and five days older than me. Dang
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Zuho facts:
He is also known for his role in Click Your Heart. Which I have been apparently watching incorrectly and Im on the last episode! Im so upset!
His hobbies are writing songs, composing songs, walking and spacing out. Ok, but same with the whole walking and spacing out thing. Like that is me right there.
Im sorry this was so late tonight. Heres some adorable gifs of him, though! He is literally the cutest. Everyone in SF9 are the cutest!
The Sensation Feeling Squad
↓Sensational Feeling Fam↓
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@bapastro (mod)
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Gorilla Mod Squad
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@KaiLuhan4Ever(mod) - Minhyuk
@bapastro - I.M
@changkyunslays - Hyungwon
If I left anyone out, Im sorry! Im still working on my tag list.
I saw him on Click your heart. I loved that drama but felt it could've had more to it.
I first saw him for the NeoSchoolz promo. Then I saw him acting but I had already followed each members instagram page by that time. My first thought seeing him was "My gosh he is breathtaking" stupid me was on his instagram page at the time and what did I do typed that as my message to him. His reply back was "thank you". Made my day.
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Now I died the day GD responded to a comment I made on his facebook. I was beyond dead he killed my soul that day.
wait there's a certain way to watch click your heart!!! Also I love Zuho he is one of my bias wreckers I don't have a solid bias in sf9.
I actually just found out last night that there was a certain way to watch click your heart and I'm on episode 7 😭 I just let Netflix play the show! 😂
He is cute!