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Hey everyone! So I have received a couples of requests from fellow angels to do another contest to win Niel's upcoming album Which we are totally up for doing And because it would be for Niel's upcoming album, the contest would be Niel themed(ish) lol
However... We dont know what we want to host... we also want to make sure a decent amount of people are willing to participate I totally love giving out prizes and seeing all of the great stuff thats entered into our contest :)
A couple of ideas we did have for the contests thanks to out lovely @IsoldaPazo thinking them up -Fan Fic -Screen Shot Game (SSG)
Now those are just a couple of ideas we had but we would love to hear yours as well! Please leave a comment on if you would be interested in participating and any ideas you may have sadly if we dont get a handful of people willing to participate then we wont be hosting the contest :[ So please! Dont be shy! Its lots of fun! We look forward to hearing from you!
Now I'd like to see fan art.....but I wouldn't participate since I can't draw at all.
Oh I would definitely participate if there is a contest. πŸ˜‰
Fan Fiction is a good idea for a contest, but so would fan art. It could be drawings or videos or something creative for Niel.