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Hey you guys it's your girl @stevieq and I am here with another round of music this week. Well it's more like fresh Asian songs of the week.
Last week most of the songs were Korean with a Chinese song in the mix. But this week I has one song from my favorite Japanese artist Kyray Pamyu Pamyu.
So without further delay I will introduce to the songs of this week.

Space Cowboys 'Reason'

Par Juhee 'Why'

Sonamoo 'I think I love you'

Hello Venus 'Mysterious'

EXID 'Up & Down' (Chinese Summer)

Ravi 'BOMB'

Young Cream '042'


Karacin Jr. 'Making All Day'

Noday 'Be Cool'

Limzy 'Repeatedly'

Koh Nayoung 'Cold night, you were warm'

Zeebomb 'Walking Last NIght'

Soran 'Studying you'

Squared 'Sweater'

Choi Ye Guen Band 'Adult'

Na Won Joo 'It Was Not'

Soulights 'Crush'

Mass Avenue 'Confused'

EVE 'Candle'

Damsonegongbang 'I Hope You've Been Doing Well'

Luponph Yongjunko 'Tell Me It's Okay'

Yoon Do Hyun 'Sparks Fly'

Kang Hyun Min 'Memory'

Jun.K 'No Shadow'

아이 (I) 'I Wish" *debut*

Rain 'The Best Present'

Luhan 'Winter Song'

This song is not one of my favorite Luhan songs but I will say that it is an interesting song to listen to. The music video has to be my favorite part and also the random English that Luhan uses throughout the song. Even the beat is really nice but not really my style.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 'HARAJUKU IYAHOI'

This song sounds so fun and preppy but just like all of KPP's songs this song has a meaning. Unfortunately I am not sure what this song could mean but the music video is really cool.
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