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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Warning: 18+ scene Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...
Ju Kyung's POV The requests she made weren't unreasonable he just didn't want to do them. Getting rid of suspension and things of that nature were fine, even him having to be the one to take her to her office affairs made sense. He just didn't want her thinking she had too much control over him. It was taking her to the club he really didn't want to do. She had to register as his pet to get in and that wasn't the bad part, if she refused to sign the registration it could easily be canceled there were just a few men there he didn't want her to meet just yet. Like he said there were some pet owners there that took things to the extreme and she had yet to experience what he would be like as her owner. It might scare her off and he didn't want that but he couldn't argue against her. He wanted her to make the decision with a clear head and to be secure in her decision to be his pet which meant he couldn't deny her this. She calmed down when he smiled at her and even more when he kissed her. He wanted to kiss her again. He wanted to wait to kiss her until she agreed but that was the only thing he could think of to get her to calm down about the cage. Honestly only one person ever made it to the cage, most of his pets wanted to stay out of it so they remained as obedient as possible. Y/n wasn't the type to take orders so easily though, she didn't like being pushed around. Honestly, the role of a pet wouldn't suit her but he asked anyway all because he wanted her. He wanted her to himself, his past few pets he had as a distraction from her but everytime they hung out he wanted her. She would hang onto Jay and Chase and kiss them on the cheek and inside it ate away at him because he wanted all her affection on him. All of it. He had texted her the night he asked her to be his pet if she was okay with the four months just to check to see if she had changed her mind or not. There was a look of uncertainty on her face that made him feel like she'd turn him down and he wasn't sure how he could handle that. He couldn't explain why but Y/n made him hungry, he was waiting to sink his teeth into her. She was his friend but she was also his prey and being rejected by her would've hurt more than his pride, he knew that much, he just didn't know why. She was driving him crazy. Some dark side of him really wanted to punish her, he wanted to bend her over and spank her till her ass was red but the other half of him wanted her to cuddle up next to him and wrap her arms around him and have her head rest on his chest. Even as he watched her undress and then redress in the beige body suit, the bunny tail on her ass and the ears from the headband on her head, he just wanted to attack her. God he just wanted to eat her up. He could maintain his composure but he wasn't sure for how long, he needed her to sign the contract so that he could have her. He partly wanted her to fuck up at the club; he wanted her to give him a reason to punish her. Her disobedience may have been more enticing than her obeying him. Fuck! He wanted to rip of her suit so bad. He never wanted someone like this before, none of his pets did this to him. It was aggravating. He went to Daejeon for business but he didn't stay the two weeks he told her he did. He was trying to get himself to calm down and gain composure. He was in Daejeon for business for three days, the days that followed and the silence between them was for her to think about everything and for him to get himself under control. He ended up getting one of the guys from the club to lend him his pet so he could get some release. It didn't do any good, her technique was sloppy and it only frustrated him further. They arrived up at the front and she looked around at the large building. Her face was blank as she took in the sight before them. The building was like an extravagant looking hotel. On the outside, the lights glittered a warm color and the revolving door that led to the check in desk revealed the long royal purple roll out carpet inside. There was a valet out front and the stairs were covered in the same royal purple roll out rug. Inside might spark her awe a bit more. He turned to her before getting out of the car, "Y/n remember in there you're considered a pet so none of that smart mouth of yours, okay?" He said reaching over to lift her chin gently. She took in a deep breath. She seemed uneasy about going in. She nodded and said, "What's going to happen while I'm in there?" "Y/n you don't have to be nervous. I'll keep you close to me, you're just here to look around. Just remember everything I told you. I need you to be in your pet mind set, okay? So just do everything I say and don't cause trouble. Got it." He said. "Fine." She said. He gripped her jaw and brought her close to him, "I need you to lose your attitude. There are men in there that- they're not like me so just behave and don't talk." She looked at him with a sort of conflicted face. Her eyebrows were furrowed and she looked like she was in slight pain. He let go of her jaw and she looked away from him. Shit how hard did I grab her? "You said I have to register as a pet here, why is there a register required if I can't come in without an owner anyway?" She asked. "Because the club recognizes you're my pet. There's a rule among pet owners that an owner cannot touch another owner's pet without their express permission. So if an issues comes up an owner can't claim you as his when you're really mine. Also if I need you here but I'm running late, I can have another owner bring you here and look after you until I arrive; your registration proves you're a pet." He was too frustrated, if he didn't get this over with quick he might do something he didn't mean. "Hello Velvet." He said. She turned to look at him and her eyes got slightly bigger. Her mouth was slightly open but she soon closed it. She looked away from him uncertain again and then took a deep breath, "Hello Master." She said small. He pulled her over to his lips quickly to kiss her. He kissed her hard and heavy and she gripped onto his shirt moaning into his mouth. He didn't mean it, he meant to wait but she sounded so good and fuck she tasted so good. He wanted to tie her down. He wanted her in bed that instant. He wasn't sure he could make it through the night without fucking her brains out. Shit. Shit! Ju Kyung pulled away from her quickly. He heard her suck in air and he got out the car handing his keys to the valet. He fixed his jacket and came over to her side of the car and helped her out. He had her wrap her arm around his body. "Don't say a word. Silence okay. Remember to obey me completely. If I tell you to sit, sit next to me and curl your feet under you and lean on me. If I tell you to sit on the floor sit on your knees by my feet and stay close to me. Do not talk to anyone until I give you permission. Do you understand?" He said. She nodded. They walked in and the door man greeted them. "Mr. Sun Ju Kyung good to see you here again." "Same to you Mr. Kim." Ju Kyung smiled. "You have a new pet this time." He noted very friendly like. "Yes she's new and still in training." Ju Kyung said. "Ah I see. I heard Bunnies are often hard to tame, they have wild hearts." Y/n's was definitely wild. Ju Kyung chuckled, "She'll be difficult but so far she's been a good girl. Velvet say hello to Mr.Kim." He quickly leaned into her ear and said, "Simply twitch your nose." He leaned back to watch her and she quickly twitched her nose on her own without using her fingers. He smiled, that was always a cute trick he noticed she did when she was drunk. Mr.Kim chuckled, "Very cute Velvet. The registration for new pets is just behind this wall." "I'll go with her, like I said she's new." "Oh you meant that kind of new. Well she's certainly well behaved." Mr.Kim said. Ju Kyung smiled and began to pet the top of her head as he said, "She certainly is, let's hope it stays that way." He walked her to the back of the wall where there was a computer. He sat her down and started to move the mouse for her. "You can speak now, just keep your voice down." He said. She was silent. "You can talk Velvet." She nodded, she was staring at the computer screen. He typed in her pet name and her real name. He typed in his name and his owner ID number. He had to state how long he'd been apart of the club. Then he had to put her pet age in, she was considered a new born age because she'd just become a pet but there were pets he brought in that had been pets to other people for two years or three years. He kept filling in parts of her registration for her while she watched in silence. He kissed the back of her neck and whispered in her ear, "Velvet, what's gotten into you? You can speak." "I have nothing to say." She bit back at him. Her tone aggravated him. This was how she was though, she didn't know yet what it was like to be disobedient and have to be punished. He came to a part in the registration that had punishments listed, asking for a form of discipline should she misbehave and if he was going to allow another owner to discipline her should he not be around at the time of her offense. Suspension was on the list. He moved past it and she grabbed his hand and clicked it off the list. He looked at her with a look of annoyance. "You're not doing that to me, that's already been established." "Velvet all you need to do is behave and you'll never be suspended. You shouldn't think it's such a bad thing." "Let me make something very clear to you, neither you nor anyway else in this club is suspending me from anything. I would sooner slit my wrists before I allow anyone else to do that to me." She said angry. Anyone else? Had she done this before? He was trying to get a reaction out of her but he didn't see that one coming. Her eyes slightly watered up and she looked away from him very annoyed. He didn't press her about it, he didn't even scold her about it he just left it alone. He wondered what her objection was to it though. If she hated it that much it would aid in training her but if she hated it that much and he used it on her anyway she'd hate him and end the contract. He did put in the name of the man that could discipline her if he wasn't around. She looked up at him, "Don't worry you'll meet him. He's here tonight." He said. "How do you know?" "He's here every night for the cat show." Ju Kyung said. She looked at him oddly. He submitted her registration and took her hand, "Don't speak too much but I won't make you be silent, however another out burst like that or even a smart comment and I'll have you be silent again. Understand?" He said. She nodded and he sighed, "You can say yes." He said. She nodded. Maybe she knew if she said anything it would come out rude so he left it alone. "Come on, the cat show will begin soon." He said. He walked her down the hall and to the large staircase that lead up to the balcony area. This was where his friend came often. He had two pets at the same time Y/n would probably hate them, she hated most women but she'd have them to talk to about all of this. They could probably say something to her to ease her mind. He came to the front row of the balcony; the show hadn't begun. He found the man he was looking for, both his pets sat on the ground in front of him with leashes connected to their collars. Y/n's face showed how much that bugged her. Ju Kyung walked her over closer and his friend looked up at him with a smile, "Ju Kyung you're here!" He stood up and greeted him. "Hyunsu I'm glad to see you. I've got to talk to you." Ju Kyung said. "Alright come sit, I see you have a new pet, she's cute. I didn't think you were the type to go for bunnies." He said sitting down. He walked Y/n over to his side and past Hyunsu's pets. He sat down with Y/n and she sat as he told her too. He wrapped his arm around her back and let his hand rest on her waist while he turned to look at Hyunsu. It felt right to have her lay against him like this. "What's her name?" Hyunsu asked. "Velvet." Ju Kyung said. "Cute name especially for her. Velvet." He called to her. Y/n looked up at him and Hyunsu laughed, "She doesn't seem to like me." He said. "She's cautious of you, she's very new." Ju Kyung said. "Oh she's a newborn year. That's unlike you Ju Kyung. You're normally the type who likes experience. " He shrugged, "Is there a difference between experience and a beginner when it comes to pets? They have to be broken in either way." He said. Hyunsu raised his wine glass to Ju Kyung. "I'll give you that, so what did you want to talk about?" He asked. "I just registered Velvet downstairs and I put your name as the one to discipline her should she act up." He said. "Oh fun, I always love to punish your pets." Hyunsu smiled. "Yes but she can't be suspended under no circumstances." He said. Hyunsu looked curiously at him, "No suspension, normally that gets the pets behavior in order right away. Why not?" "Just don't do it Hyunsu. It's apart of our contract I can't do it either." He said. He nodded, "You gave your pet a little too much power this time. Allowing her to get rid of a punishment, that's very unlike you." Hyunsu laughed. Ju Kyung shook his head. "Velvet," Hyunsu cooed. He reached over and lifted her chin which raised her head off of Ju Kyung's chest. Her eyes shifted to Ju Kyung but Hyunsu caught her attention again, "Hey. I'm not as polite as your master when it comes to punishments so I suggest you behave around me. Other than that I'll be looking forward to seeing you here quite often. I'll take very good care of you as long as you behave." He said. She looked up at Ju Kyung and then rested her head back on Ju Kyung's chest. Hyunsu laughed, "She'll learn to like me. The show is about to begin though, perhaps you should have her sit properly." "She is sitting properly, just how I've told her to sit." Ju Kyung said. Hyunsu raised his eyebrows and shrugged and turned to look at the stage below. Ju Kyung sighed and whispered in her ear, "Sit on the floor with the other pets but remember to stay close to me." He said. She looked up at him, there was annoyance in her eyes but it seemed to be more for Hyunsu than him. She got on the floor and sat on her knees just by his feet. The fact that she followed his order perfectly made him proud and he began to pet her head as praise for her good job. She sort of moved into the petting which made him smile, she liked to be petted. He came and kissed the back of her head and leaned in her ear, "Pay very close attention there are something's you may have to do." She looked at him from the corner of her eye and then turned back to look at the stage below. Ju Kyung leaned back into his seat and Hyunsu passed him a cigar. Ju Kyung turned it down which made Hyunsu give him an odd look but he went and lit his anyway. The lights began to dim and the stage lights went up; the curtain opened and three women in cat suits sat at attention. A main woman in an all latex suit came out with a whip and whipped it in the air creating the snap sound. The music sounded and the cats began to crawl forward and they stopped at the next sound of the whip snapping. The ring leader came to a small stand and tapped it. The first cat came up to the stand and the ring leader came behind her in a very seductive way. She leaned over her body and seemed to either whisper or kiss her ear. The cat raised her right paw and licked the back of it and ran it across her cheek as if to clean herself. The ring leader got in front again, snapping the whip on the floor. The other two cats came forward and sat at attention on either side of the first cat. The ringleader motioned for them to stand up and they did. She had them bend over and slide down onto their stomachs and then roll over onto their backs. She moved their legs so they'd open up. She motioned the other cat to come down and she did, coming to the cat on the left first. She licked the cats arm and moved up to her neck and then to her lips to kiss her. While the ringleader took to disrobing the other cat of her short skirt. Ju Kyung saw Y/n lean forward on her hands and look down more. The other cat had moved to the cat on her right and the ring leader teased the cat's heat commanding her to meow as she did. Y/n's head tilted and when she did the ears on her headband flopped down a little. He smiled a little seeing it happen. All the cats clothes were off by now and the cats were touching each other. The ring leader brought out a ball for them. She had one balance the ball on her head and walk and then she had her sit up without dropping the ball, the two other cats made their way over to the main cat and used their noses to remove the ball from her head. The ring leader whistled and the main cat laid down on her stomach. The two other cats began to move the ball to the crowd and swat at it playfully. The ring leader squatted down to the main cat and tapped her cheek. The cat raised her butt in the air and slowly slid back up to all fours. She licked the side of the ring leaders cheek as a form of a kiss. Y/n moved closer to the edge to see more and Ju Kyung saw her butt shaking making her tail move. He thought it was too cute. Hyunsu chuckled next to him and leaned over to Ju Kyung, "Your bunny seems amused by the show." Ju Kyung knew it was a little more than that. She was more curious than anything but watching this had her sexually frustrated as well. He was happy it was. Y/n sat up straight and her head moved to the side to see what was going on down there. She didn't seem to be disturbed by her role any more, in fact she seemed too curious about her surroundings to really care. She looked up at the ceiling and every where else. Then back down at the cat show. The cats were making bridges with their bodies while one cat crawled under them. They're tails moved with their bodies but they were wearing something Y/n would never wear in a million years. She'd sooner kill Ju Kyung then have a butt plug with a tail on it. He wasn't going to push the limits that far. Besides her tail looked right on her suit it wouldn't look right if she were naked. "Velvet." He called to her. Y/n was entranced by the show, the cats were being rambunctious and jumping around, their naked bodies and long fake nails played up their sexy image. She was paying attention to everything going on. "Velvet." He called again. Was she not listening or was it that she just didn't hear him? He tilted his head with a smile of his own. Hyunsu's pets even looked up at him surprised he hadn't done anything to her. Y/N sat up again and leaned over; her butt in better view for him to see now. Her hips wiggled making that cute motion again and his body let him know just what he wanted from her. His teeth clenched and Hyunsu chuckled, "Do you not remember your name little bunny?" Hyunsu said. She still didn't respond, Ju Kyung didn't think she was paying attention. In all honesty, she seemed to have tuned everything out. Hyunsu scoffed and looked down at his pet, "Get her attention." He told her. "No." Ju Kyung said quickly. "Really? You're going to let her disobey you like that?" He said surprised. "It isn't that she's not listening Hyunsu she can't hear us. I kind of like watching her little butt shake for me anyway. She must like the show like you said." Ju Kyung said. Hyunsu laughed, "I'd punish them if they ignored me like that, even if they were paying attention to the show. If I call their name they're to come not ignore." "I'm not you Hyunsu and you are not her owner." Ju Kyung said. Hyunsu nodded but he stared at Ju Kyung. "What is it about this one that makes you so loving towards her? Pets are meant to show unconditional love to their masters, they're meant to listen, their soul purpose is for our pleasure. Now I let the pups have their time away from me every now and again I'm not so delusional to think they're actual pets but when your sweet little bunny became a pet she became yours not so you could please her but so she could please you." Hyunsu said. The cat show had ended and the curtain was closing. The lights stayed dim, another performance would take place. Y/n was now hanging slightly over the balcony to see what was below. "I don't need you to tell me how to raise my pets. I've raised all of them and they've all behaved how they were expected and they still didn't please me. Velvet has so far." "Because of disobedience?" He laughed. "Yes, she'll be a challenge to tame and that's what makes it fun. Before I was so bored with how easy it was to train my pets. There was only one that was annoyingly disobedient but Velvet is a good mix of the two. Think about it like this Hyunsu, the pleasure you get out of punishing your pets is the same pleasure I get knowing I'll have to deal with a difficult pet." Ju Kyung smiled. Hyunsu smiled with a nod, "So that's why you chose a bunny. Though furry, cute and they may look innocent, I hear they're wild at heart and much harder to tame." "She's definitely wild." Ju Kyung said looking at her with interest. The curtains reopened and two cats completely dressed up like catwoman stood on their two feet with their backs to each other. A more sultry song began to play and the cats began to dance in a very sexy style. Both dropping low with their legs spread wide. They sat on their knees and then smoothly transitioned to their butts. Their hands came forward between their legs then back up and as their hands came down their legs opened, when their hands came up their legs closed. They did the motion twice and then flipped over onto their knees with their butts facing the audience. They were able to stretch out then get their heels to the ground and they rolled up with the sexy beat. Their hands linked and they came close to each other dancing and grinding against each others body's. "I just love to see the kittens dance they're always so playful." Hyunsu said leaning forward and watching the show amused. "Easy there, you'll make your pups jealous." Ju Kyung said. Hyunsu's hand that wasn't holding his wine glass began to pet the back of one of his pets head. She leaned into the petting like Y/n had. Ju Kyung had only discussed punishments with Y/n he figured he'd need to punish her a lot but he should've discussed rewards more. Perhaps she could be better swayed that way. She didn't get a chance to talk to the pups but Ju Kyung was actually happy she didn't now. Hyunsu liked to discipline pets, especially ones that weren't his own. He got off on it but his disciplining always led to a change in behavior. It was nothing that altered their thoughts or personality but they were less likely to disobey their masters after he was done. He helped in the training rooms. "Velvet come here." Ju Kyung spoke up a bit more. She still didn't hear him. "Velvet now." He said growing a little impatient now. Y/n looked up and then turned around with slightly widened eyes and a look of wonder. Ju Kyung raised his hand and beckoned her over with his finger. She crawled her way over to him and came up between his legs. He cupped her face and she raised up on her legs. He kissed her softly and slowly. He needed her on his lips, he wanted to taste her. Her hands were on his thighs and the more he kissed her the more her fingers gripped his thighs. He came up from her lips gaining some air and he said, "Did you like the show Velvet?" She shook her head, "No? Are you lying to me? You shouldn't misbehave like that." Ju Kyung said. "I like the music, the dancing was cute but they only played and touched each other." She said. Ju Kyung smirked at her. Hyunsu laughed, "I suppose bunnies don't understand playtime. They prefer to be held and petted then let loose to hop around and entertain their curiosity. " he said. "Hyunsu, let me borrow your pups." Ju Kyung said. He raised an eyebrow at him, "Hm, what for?" "You can watch if you like. I'm going to show her the fun in just playing around." Ju Kyung said. He looked down at Y/n between his legs and his fingers traced her neck down to her choker necklace. Her collar. He smiled at this picture of her between his legs dressed as a bunny and listening to his every word. He wondered what she was thinking, her eyes showed nothing. No emotion to latch onto not even her curiosity showed, not like it might have when she was watching the show. "Stand up." He told her. She raised up on her feet and Ju Kyung stood up beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist he looked down at Hyunsu. "Can I borrow the pups or not?" he asked. Hyunsu shrugged, "Sure why night, Shadow and Anastasia, let's go," Hyunsu grabbed their leashes and stood up, "We'll follow you." He said. Ju Kyung nodded and he noticed Y/n look back and see the pups walking on all fours. She looked forward and then her face showed some slight discomfort that soon went away by the time she got out of the balcony area. They made their way into the elevator with the pups. The elevator went down to the first floor and they came back out to the front lobby. They decided to go to the right this time. They walked into an open room that was dark with neon blacklight painted bodies their. The music was loud but the heavy doors did a great job at blocking it from the hallway. Ju Kyung walked Y/n to a private section with Hyunsu. There was a small room with the word playroom at the top of it. Ju Kyung walked Y/n inside and the room was slightly quieter. There sat a round cushioned bed with red velvet covers on it. Ju Kyung walked Y/n over and told her to sit. She sat down and curled her feet under her but Ju Kyung grabbed her by her calf and pulled one leg down then the other followed. She looked at him with a blank face but her eyes were slightly darker. Was she turned on already? Ju Kyung leaned over her body and dipped his head down to kiss her neck lightly. He noticed the change in her breathing immediately. He came back up to look at her. Her eyes were dark as she looked down at him, he came up to her lips and captured them in a soft kiss. His body was hungry and he wanted to pounce on her but part of being her owner was having his own control as well. He was testing his control and close to exceeding his breaking point. He wanted her, she was such a delicious craving. He made the kiss deeper coming down on her a bit more he heard her suck in air when their lips parted for a second. So fucking sexy. He had to stop now or he'd take her there. Lack of control was looked down on by pet owners. A master should always be in control of themselves but damn it she was so fucking tempting. He didn't know he craved her this much. He pulled away looking into her eyes again and she was panting hard through swollen lips. He pulled back and said, "Pets get punished for bad behavior Velvet but they also get praised for good behavior. Like being petted on the head when you're obedient or a kiss on the cheek. Pet shows show other owners how obedient their pets are and the better they perform the greater the reward. For example, Hyunsu could you kindly give your pets a command to follow?" Ju Kyung said. Hyunsu nodded and turned to his pups. "Shadow, lay." He commanded. Shadow sank down slowly till she was laying on her stomach. Hyunsu smiled, "Good girl, now roll over." He told her. She did exactly that. "Very good, here's your treat." He said. He pulled out a plastic bag full of chocolate and unwrapped a piece and gave it to her. She smiled and rolled back over onto all fours. Ju Kyung crawled up behind Y/n on the bed and kissed her neck again then came up to her cheek. "The more pets involved the more fun you get to have. You've been with women before right?" Ju Kyung said in a teasing manner. He knew the answer to that, she had been with women before but not in a relationship type manner. She told the story that when she was drunk, twice she was involved in a three way where she slept with both a female and a man. She'd never been in a situation where there were two men involved. Everytime she got to a certain limit in her drunkenness she would end up kissing another woman but normally she'd always pull a guy into the situation. Y/n had never been with a woman without another man involved and she'd never done any of that sober. The only way she could stand another woman was if there was another man there. When Y/n was drunk though, she liked to get naked and she liked to show off. The more drunk she got the less she wore and the less she cared and that's why he choose her to be a bunny. He looked up at Hyunsu, "Would you mind allowing Anastasia to come over and give Velvet a kiss?" Ju Kyung said. Y/n turned her head to him, the question of 'what are you doing' rested in her eyes. Ju Kyung ran his hand up and down her arm and gave her a smile, she would calm down if he smiled. Her tense shoulders relaxed the moment she saw him smile. "Go give the bunny a kiss Anastasia." Hyunsu said. Anastasia walked on all fours over to Y/n and came between her legs. She pushed up on her knees and Ju Kyung leaned into Y/n's back to get her to move forward. Anastasia cupped Y/n's cheek and kissed her. Y/n jerked back into Ju Kyung's body but she couldn't move away from her. Ju Kyung's hand came to her heat and his fingers found her clit through the body suit. She hummed into Anastasia's mouth. "Good girl." Ju Kyung whispered into Y/n's ear. Anastasia stopped the kiss and came back down. She looked back at Hyunsu for another command. Hyunsu licked his lips and Ju Kyung looked at Y/n to discover why. She had her head tilted back and her hand was on the arm that was touching her. He slipped his fingers past her body suit and slid them down her slit. "Fuck you're so wet." He said surprised. "Your bunny is quite interesting. Would you let me play with her one day?" Hyunsu said. "Perhaps but you have to be good to her, she responds better when taken care of than when she's punished." Ju Kyung said. Though he did tell her he wouldn't let anyone else touch her. If she got off on it this much he might let it happen. Hyunsu would never be alone with her though, he was a good friend and a great trainer but he wouldn't trust him alone with his pets for more than picking her up or disciplining her for misbehaving. He had some... different ways he liked to sleep with his pets. Ju Kyung's two fingers slipped inside of her making her moan out loud. Her back arched off of him and he wrapped his other arm around her to hold onto her waist. He kissed her neck again, he could dive into her right now. He could devour her, he'd love every taste of her. Her breathing was choppy, she was panting heavily and her hand tightened around his arm. Her eyes were shut and her head was thrown back onto his shoulder. She looked so sexy, she looked so fucked out. Ju Kyung looked up to the other pets, Anastasia was still between Y/n's legs and Shadow was running her hand on Hyunsu's pants. "Shadow wants to play with your bunny Ju Kyung. Will you give her permission?" Hyunsu said. "She can come over and taste her. They both can. " Ju Kyung said. Ju Kyung kissed Y/n while shadow made her way over to her. He removed his fingers so the pups could lick at her heat. Y/n moaned loudly, her hand coming up to Shadow's head. "You enjoy this Velvet. If you continue to be a good girl I'll make sure you feel like this all the time." Ju Kyung said in her ear. "Ju-ju." She moaned. "Use the proper way I taught you or I'll have them stop." He warned. "Master." She whimpered. She let out a loud moan and her body shook against him. He quickly looked down at the pups and said, "Stop." They looked up at him, "I don't want her to cum yet." Ju Kyung said. Hyunsu laughed, "Now that's amusing, you'll deny your bunny the one thing she desires. Look at her body begging for it and her cries. You'll drive her out of her mind." "The honor of making her cum only belongs to me. Besides I only wanted her to see what she gets if she's obedient." Ju Kyung said. "All of this for merely following a sit command? Moments ago she ignored you upstairs and you give her this as an incentive to behave? Do you expect me to lend you the pups every time she behaves for you?" Hyunsu joked. "No, on special occasions I may ask for your pups to be here. She'll probably respond much better to their touch when she's drunk." Ju Kyung said. Hyunsu grew a smile on his face, "Oh don't tell me you're bringing her to that." He laughed. "She has to be very obedient for an event like that and your manner towards her tonight won't work on that night the other owners wouldn't have it. She'd have to be disciplined." He continued. "I have sometime before it happens by then she'll be very obedient and if she can make it through the night, then you have to lend me the pups deal?" "Alright but if she doesn't you have to let me punish her." Hyunsu smiled. Ju Kyung sighed, "Fine." He said. They shook on it, Y/n had been staring at Hyunsu when the deal was made and they shook hands. She didn't like him, Ju Kyung could see it. Hyunsu lifted her chin and came close to her face. Ju Kyung couldn't hold back much longer he needed her. He needed her so bad, his entire body was aching and craving her. She could feel him against her, there was no way to hide it. "I'll be looking forward to the day I get to punish you sweet little Velvet. I enjoy nothing more than punishing stubborn naughty pets." He said to her. She jerked her chin away from him and Hyunsu laughed and picked up the leashes to his pups again, "Let's go girls." "You too Velvet." Ju Kyung said tapping her butt to get up quickly. She raised up and he pulled her through the crowded club, he'd show her the rest of the club later when she'd signed to contract then he'd be able to do and show her so much more. On the other side of the building and what was on the top floor were two places she'd need to go once she was truly his pet. She had to sign it, he needed her too but he couldn't wait any longer. He took her home in silence, she said nothing as well. He moved with haste, bringing her into the house once they arrived at his place. He pushed her through the open door and then closed it behind him and slammed her into the wall. He raised her arms up and pinned her against the wall and kissed her hard and passionately. His breaths were laboured and heavy already and his heart was pounding. Fuck! I can't wait anymore. He grabbed the straps to her body suit and pulled it down roughly. He un-did his pants and lifted her up onto his waist. "Wait." She said confused. He shook his head, "I can't wait anymore. I need to feel you." He pushed inside of her and she moaned loudly. Her arms wrapped around his neck and brought his face into her bare breast; he kissed them as his hips furiously pounded inside of her. It felt so. fucking. good....
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