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So, I have decided that I am going to post my fanfics on Saturdays as well! So the days to look for will be Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays! WOOO~

Also, I hope to try to publish an entry of this story every day. That's right. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

So please look forward to my other stories and this one as well as I will try my best to get them out on time! XD

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WARNING: There is some language, wanted to give a heads up!

Hey Diary,

So today was a very... interesting day. After what happened with IU she didn't show up for practice today. Even after the manager tried calling her, he went to check her house and she wasn't there either.
Even the other dancers tried her phone too and nothing. I was getting really worried, Diary. But then out of nowhere she shows up to the practice room late at night when I was with my now friend of B. A. P.
We were joking around and practicing dance moves when she opened the door and walked right in. She scared both of us shitless to be honest. We didn't even hear her come in so when we started to hear crying we thought we were in some freaky ass horror movie or something.
But when we both looked to see her huddled into the corner of the room, we both froze. We were hesitant at first, pushing the other to go see her instead of both of us going. Then, being the klutz I am, I fell right besides her.
She looked up and stopped crying when she saw me. I gave her a small smile as I scrambled to my feet. I asked her if she was okay and she immediately went back to balling her eyes out. I panicked. I am not good at this kind of thing and so I just stared at her, waiting for the right actions and words to come to mind.
However, he was much better at it than I was as he went to her side and started to talk to her quietly. She listened to him and started to talk back, being able to form coherent words through her tears. I was surprised to be honest. He took care of her pretty well and she was soon enough back up on her feet, laughing a little. I was in awe.
After she got up, she decided to hang with us for a bit. She even danced with us after she saw us starting to practice her songs again. She was having fun and not being her usual boy-crazed self like how she is with the other girls. It was awesome. A few hours then quickly went by in all of this craziness.
We then had to leave as IU and I had another performance tomorrow so we waved our good-byes and we all left in separate directions. And by separate I mean he went one way and we both went the other.
I didn't even know she lived in my area. She lives only blocks from me and despite being her dancer all this time, I could not have known less about her. We were pretty much quiet the whole walk but as soon as we got near her house she stopped and asked me something.
She asked me to keep quiet about today. I was confused at first, wondering what it was about today that couldn't be shared but then it hit me. The last thing she needs is other people knowing that she cried all day. And how that is because of a relationship the company didn't know about. If the company even found out that they once dated without their knowledge or approval... it wouldn't be good.
I agreed and she warmly smiled at me. It was really a genuine one Diary. One I haven't really seen from her in a long time. She then told me she would see me tomorrow and I watched as she walked away from me.
I was happy that she was not crying anymore but something just didn't sit with me right. I don't know what it is but something seemed weird about this whole thing...
Maybe I am just overreacting.
Yeah, that's it.

Thanks for reading as always and look forward to tomorrow!^^

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Huh, I wonder what the problem could be :l Don't tell me IU and the dancer start dating!?!? No hmmm it probably has something to do with why IU and that one guy broke up :l Hmmm curious making.