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it's that time again! let's get right into this!
So, I'm sure that many know about his role in Drinking Solo. Let's go with our current theme and talk about his hair.
I'm honestly not feeling this style honestly
It reminds me of a shorter version of his ring ding dong hair
But, somehow he's still so cute
Tell me what you think about this hairstyle.


Why does he have to be so perfect?
Until next time, stay sassy my friends

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Shawol Squad:

Key is my UB, and I loved his character in this show, he was so cute, funny, and his satoori OMG adorable! His hair I liked it, he looked so cute and it fit his character well. He hated it because it was too stiff but I still think it looked cute on him.
I think the hairstyle complimented the quirkiness of his character in the show! But on a personal level, he's had much better & more complimentary hairstyles than that one. He did such a great job in Drinking Solo tho!
He is still cute.
He is my bias, and I shall always love him!
Do not like his hair for Drinking Solo at all. It reminds me of the one alien in the movie Galaxy Quest.
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