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Lexx here~

And today, I am making this card to bring you some of the lovely K.A.R.D!

If you have not seen their music video yet here it is for you! ;)

You should watch it if you haven't yet as it makes these clips (and your life) 10 times better!

And just a quick intro too so you can learn their names as well!

(Pictures are also in order of mention!)

1. The lovely Somin.

2. The handsome BM.

3. The adorkable Jiwoo.

4. And the cutie J.Seph

5. And possibly Youngji? (We haven't really heard for sure quite yet but she also used to be a member of KARA before they disbanded!)

And now that we have that covered, let's look at the videos, shall we?!


This video is of them switching singing parts.

They are so freaking adorable. And J.Seph (guy on the left) singing made my life LOL

KARD 'Oh NaNa' Role Switch Dance Ver.

This video is of them switching dance parts.

They are such a hot mess it is hilarious LOL. And then BM and J.Seph doing the butt dances...YESSSS.

Are you a fan of them yet?


And I need someone to be trash with me...LOL XD

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

~The Randoms~

A โ€“ @ArtCrazy @awkwardjazzy B โ€“ C โ€“ @CrystalBlunt D โ€“ @destiny1419 E โ€“ @ESwee F โ€“ G โ€“ @Gaarita100 H โ€“ @HeichousRegalia I โ€“ @imiebegay14 @IsoldaPazo J โ€“ @JaxomB K โ€“ @KassieXiong @KenyaMendoza L โ€“ M โ€“ @MaggieHolm @ManduBum @MaritessSison @MelissaGarza @MissMinYoongi mrsyookihyun N โ€“ O โ€“ @OppasManBun P โ€“ Q โ€“ @QueenPandaBunny R โ€“ @roseeoh S โ€“ @SerenaArthurs @Shadyllamas @SierraBecerra @Starbell808 @sordidgame T โ€“ @TeaTimeFoxy @TKOtaku @turntuptae U โ€“ @UnicornSuga V โ€“ @VKookie47 W โ€“ @WolfLune X โ€“ Y โ€“ @YviLole15 Z โ€“

(Credit to owners of gifs and videos!)

The first part switch...I can't and the second one...ok the big guy reminds me of Taecyeon in the way he looks but honestly he acts like this kid I went to school with freshman year and this kid that goes to my school now, he's a junior, and all he does is dab. That guy tho is so funny like, what's he doin? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
a fun fact about BM, he was the guy in Guhara's music video Choco chip cookie
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I didn't know it was him too until I asked in the YouTube comments and someone answer me back that it was
@RKA916 Here it is for you! XD
thank you