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Hello chingus, today is another day on this fine night/day/morning... whatever time of day it is~ Soooo, this is back in Minhee's POV, it when her and Chanyeol are in Busan. So hope you enjoy this one.

Chapt 4 <----> Chapt 6
"Minhee!?" "Minhee get out of the house!" I woke up in a pant with my whole body shaking. "Hey are you okay?" Chanyeol asked, he looked over at me and then back onto the road. "Yeah, I'm fine... it was just a nightmare I guess." I replied. I looked around to see the familiar townsite, as we pulled up to a house. "Ready?" Chanyeol asked, I shrugged knowing that I'll have to get this over with sooner or later. We both got out of the car and walked up the familiar path. We knocked on the big oak door, and waited, I was about to escape when Chanyeol grabbed my hand and the door opened. "Oh my Channie, you're home." The middle aged woman said. I peeked around Chanyeol to see our mother smiling so big at her son. "Oh, Minhee" she said noticing me right away and practically shoved Chanyeol out of the way. "My Minnie, I'm so glad you are home." She said looking at me. I smiled and bowed at her for respect, "Yeobo, come see who's here." Our mother yelled into the house as she let us in. "I'm busy trying to fix this-" A middle aged man came walking in from his office. "Omo, If it isn't Minhee." He said walking up to me and hugged me. "Hello Father." I said smiling and hugging him back. "I missed you guys." I felt a tear coming down, but I held it back. "What about me Dad?" Chanyeol poured. I laughed at his childish act. "Park Chanyeol, you're here ever other week, I have not seen my daughter in almost a year." He stated, with that Chanyeol chuckled and went to baby up to our mom. "Mama's boy." I said towards him, it only caused him to stick his tounge out, I laughed at him. "Hey Appa, can I talk to you?" I asked after seeing my mom and Chan walk off to the kitchen. "Sure honey." He said leading the way back to the office. "Dad, I've been having these dreams." I said to him, he looked up at me. "What kind of dreams?" He asked. I closed my eyes and breathed in. "Well" I simplied said. As I remembered the same dream I've been having. -Dream- I got up out of bed, I hear gunshots downstairs, scared I ran to my closet. "Minhee!?" I heard someone say into my room, I peeked to see a figure, I think it's my brother. "Oppa~" I whined. "Shh, its okay, we need to leave right now." He said to me. I nodded and followed him. We were in the room for another 10 mins. "Oppa, something's burning." I said, he flung the door open as smoke came in. "Come on Minhee." He said pulling me with him. He covered my head with his arms. Then I heard it a crash, he pushed me away from him. "Minhee get out of the house!" I ran till I got the front door. I felt a heaviness in my chest as a blacked out. -end- I looked to my father as he was sitting and listened as I described it. "Did we have a fire?" I asked. He sighed. "Did you ever felt out of place with us?" He asked me. I thought back, and remembered when I came home from the hospital, my brother was acting strange to me. "Honestly Appa? I did." I said to him. He nodded. "Why am I having these dreams?" I asked. "They're not dreams, they're memories." He said. I looked at him surprised. "You had amnesia, when you're mother and I adopted you, you were 8 years old. We thought you would get your memories back for sure, but I guess now that you are a grown young lady, they must be coming back." He explained. "So me and Chanyeol aren't twins?" I asked, he shook his head no. "But... He was in my dream..." I said getting up. "Your real family... was killed in that fire, your parents, like us, were part of the mob, your father a great man, but betrayed by one of our own, that is why your group is always in constant battle with Bangtan." He explained. "Does anyone else know Father?" I asked him. Again he shook his head. "Just your mother, and Chanyeol, but he grew to accept you as his own." He explained. "So is my real last name Park?" I asked. "Yes, that's what made it easy to take you in, I promised your real father that if anything happened I'd take you and your brother, unfortunately your brother didn't make it." He said getting up. "Come Minhee, time for dinner." He said. But dinner was way more than all I had in mind. -Baekhyuns POV- "They just threw you on the border lines?" Minseok said as Kyungsoo was attending my wounds. "Yes hyung" I said looking at him. He only nodded. "Get some rest after when Kyungsoo is done." He said and walked out of the room. I nodded and looked at Kyungsoo. "Where's Chanyeol? I asked, since I didn't see him when I came back. "He and Noona went back to Busan." He simply said. I nodded. I heard my phone go off so I got up to get it, it was text from them. Unkown:Remember the plan Byun...and don't think to go back on your word. I sighed and wonder what I got us into... and what did they want with Minhee? -hours ago- "What kind of proposition?" I asked. "We want your strongest member, and also to take down EXO once in for all... but you are going to help us do it." Hoseok said. "I'll never do that, why would I want to help you?" I scoffed and looked away. "Look Baek, we'll leave you alive... and your little friends, you see... we already know about your little friend that helped you that night." He said. I looked at him. "We'll break the walls, this will cause an attack on your behalf, let's say it'll be your last supper per day... then we'll come in and take everyone." He continued. "How will you get in?" I asked. "You of course, you'll shut down everything, it'll make it easier for us to..sneak in." Yoongi said. "If you don't do it Baek... well just kill you now, and we'll just march in, and kill everyone in sight." Namjoon spoke. I sighed, and looked away, I didn't want to betray my brothers. "Don't hurt her." I said looking back up to Hoseok. "She's everything to me." I admitted. "Oh? He is a she... well isn't this grand." Hoseok smiled. "My word... but she has to be present when the rest gets taken." He said. I nodded. ------ I laid on my bed thinking... how and when is this going to happen. The battle between us and them... are coming close. But all I can think of was... I'm betraying my brothers.
Well... that was very interesting don't you think? What do you think? With Minhee finally knowing the truth... what about Baek's decision? We won't know... see you guy in the next chapter~ My Kpop Fam: @EmilyPeacock <-----My Luhan @BBxGD @evieevelyn @RochelleRose @KpopBias ----------------- Kpop&Gamer Crew: @twistedPuppy @EverieMisfit @callmemsdragon @EvilGenius @VixenViVi ------------------ The Readers: @stephany123 @TracyLynnn @jyesung72 @makidabebe @VeronicaArtino @lopleaf19 @Babydollbre @chenisbaekasy @KeraDeletorre @ImHayley @CarolSilva
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