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He's a cocky, good for nothing, arrogant, immature, little bitch. The mere thought of him makes me want to hurl. I've never met a human being so.... so.... so repulsing. Mean. Horrible! He's a bully that picks on others to get what he wants. Like seriously?! I can't stand him. I can't even look in his direction without wanting to hit him with something, hard. Guys like him, guys who think they can do whatever the hell they want just because they think they're attractive, guys who look down on everyone else, and what's with this fake cool guy persona? Ugh. I cannot. Ever.
His teasing, his constant mockery, I've put up with it for far too long. But now, life... life has been how it should be. Simple, easy, and stress free.
Because he left.
Or so I thought.
It went from dodging him in the school hallways, to having to ignore everything that my friends were posting on social media.
'Omg! Look!'
'Omo! He did this!'
'Did you see this!?'
'No freaking way!'
Endless tags, endless reposts, it's like I can never get away from him because somehow, he always finds me.
I don't care.
I don't care that he's a mega superstar on the other side of the world, I don't care that he's got thousands of fangirls screaming his name, I don't care about the brands he's wearing- I genuinely don't care. He's a bully and I want nothing more than to erase his existence from my memories.
But I can't. Because once again, I'm scrolling through endless clips of my friends sharing his stuff on social media.
It's torture. The world hates me. The universe cursed me. I'm to be, forever stuck, walking across the galaxy with his constant presence like a cloud over my head.
I swear. My friends are more personal stalkers than they are fans. They know where he is, why he's there, and can accurately guess for how long. He's in Milan? Oh cool, never gonna go there. Oh, he's shooting a movie? Not gonna watch it. What! He got caught getting too close with a girl? Pfftt. The chick obviously doesn't think straight. Have I made my point yet?
His last words to me: “You'll be looking up at me within the stars one day. Just wait.”
Look, all I'm saying is that I really don't care. Did I ever? Hmm.... No. Am I sure? Let me chec- No. I never did. Over reacting? Of course not. I'm entitled to be this way.
It's been almost a whole decade since I've last seen him him person. A decade has been enough time for me to go to law school, get my degree, travel around the area, and even help out a few people here and there. Am I happy? No. I can't put my finger on it, but I really just feel like my entire life has lead up to nothing. I go to work everyday, clock in at 9am, check out at 5pm, come home to my parents, and watch movies all night. Friends? Either married or still immature fangirls. Some of them both. Boyfriend? Does Netflix count?
If you've ever wondered how potato you can get in life after college, you'd basically be looking at me. But at least the stars don't see me like that. I can still go out to my old high school football field in the dead of night and stare up at the sky.
Maybe I should have studied to be an astronomer. I bet it would have made the last ten years more interesting; discovering new solar systems, exploring new planets, tinkering with telescopes- the BIG ones.
I breathe in the earthy scent of wet dirt. What a shame, laying on the grass gave the best view for the formation of the stars, but I guess the bleachers will have to do this evening.
My phone vibrates in my hand. I glance at the screen only to mute it when the text read, 'HE'S BEEN SPOTTED.....'
Again. Why do I follow you? Oh, that's right. It's my high school group chat. I go missing and everyone will think I died. Well. It's not like ever talk in the chat but the juicy gossip is always worth reading though. Really worth it.
I snort. “Lexee, they can sue you for creepin'.” I lay back on the bleacher seat, still snickering. “Yeah, but I can just get their appeal!”
“Oh god. 10 years and you still talk to yourself?”
I spring up, the sudden motion throwing me off balance and tumble down to the dewy ground with an awkward somersault. My feet flop from over my head down towards the ground. I open my eyes slowly, almost unwantingly because I knew that voice.
A decade may seem like forever on Earth, out there, it's not even a blink of an eye.
“So. Have you been watching me up there? In the stars? In the GA-Lexee?” A smirk grew on his lips.
“Fuck..... you too Kris.”
His smirk grew.
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