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Yuri On Ice: Age ❄🎖⛸🎖⛸🎖⛸❄

Victor looks good at any age !! XD Too Cute!! Except for Yurio Yuri On Ice Cards: @JadeOwens @Beanerific321 @ScarletKitty @SimoneSanders @Matty1997 @rarleen40 @TracyLynnn @Riethu @JessSenpai @windfox @AnbuRose @SugaMint @FirePrincess11 @Isteffler @rachael1 If your name is not only the list, just comment below & I 'll add you! Comment: Main Collection, Yuri On Ice , or Inuyasha if those are the cards you want to specifically be tagged in. Comment "All" to be tagged in all my cards!! Thanks guys!
I want a husband like that
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