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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?" Part: Chapter 8 First Part: Introduction Previous Part: Chapter 7 Next Part: Chapter 9 Warning: Nudity. Strong language. If i tagged you and you didn't want to be tagged, please let me know. If you want to be tagged, then let me know as well.
Narrator's P.O.V: "Hey Tae," Jungkook greeted him after teleporting with J-Hope to the pet shop. They were both drenched in sweat from practicing and Jungkook in particular looked pretty worn out. Taehyung would've loved the sight in front of him, what with Jungkook's clothes clinging to his body practically re-colored by his sweat, had it not been for the fact that the boy looked so pale and tired. "Kookie, what's wrong," Taehyung cooed to him, walking around the register to feel his forehead. He hissed at how hot it was. Jungkook tried to assure him that he was fine, but Taehyung knew it was a bold-faced lie. He helped Jungkook sit on the floor, leaning his back gently against the front of the counter. "Stay. I'm going to get a towel and a water bottle." Jungkook could only nod, feeling dizzy and too weak to fight him. "Tell me what's wrong with him," Taehyung jerked his head toward the back room. J-Hope took the hint and followed suit. Once there, Taehyung grabbed a cloth and a water bottle, waiting for J-Hope to explain. "He's a bit worn out. He's never used his powers so much before, and i admit, i was pushing him a bit. That's only because things could get messy this weekend and i want to make sure they'll be okay," Taehyung sighed and nodded. He couldn't disagree. They had no idea who they were dealing with yet, and it's always better to be safe than sorry. At the same time though, Jungkook was only twenty-one. He was still too young to push to that extent. Taehyung felt conflicted with how he felt about it, and just opted to go take care of him. "Stay here. There's someone who wants to meet you-" "Who?" J-Hope asked, immediately putting his guard up. Taehyung giggled, poking his cheek before shaking his head. He was ridiculously defensive. "Fine i'll tell you. It's Jen, my snake child," his boxy smile slipping into a deep laugh. J-Hope raised an eyebrow, confused for a moment. "Wait, i thought when we were all kicked out five years ago, you left her behind. I specifically remember because you were so broken up about it-" "Yes, but remember how i worked at the zoo for two years after that? You know i was training my abilities. It was so i'd be able to find her, and once i opened the pet store with Jimin's help, that was the first thing i did. I went back, slipped into her conscious, and took her back home with me. Though, i figured she'd be safer here than at the house," Taehyung explained. J-Hope nodded, a little shocked at how he didn't know that. He shivered slightly, remembering how badly that damn snaked used to scare him. "I fucking hate snakes," He groaned, really not wanting to see this 'Jen.' Taehyung frowned, feeling hurt since he know how she felt about him. He didn't feel offended though. "Then... i guess... it's a good thing i'm not a snake anymore?" Jen whispered from behind a cabinet. J-Hope immediately grabbed his knife, holding it in his hand defensively. Jen shyly looked up at him, shocked at how much he'd changed. His face was more stiff than it had been five years ago. His hair was longer and his eyes held such darkness. She wanted to believe that the J-Hope she knew was still somewhere in there though. "Hyung!" Taehyung groaned, slapping his arm a little too hard. J-Hope didn't tear his eyes away from this potential threat though. "That's Jen! She was a shapeshifter for fucks sake put the knife down-" "How do you know it's her and not someone working for Woo Bin, huh?" J-Hope snapped, not taking his eyes off her. All she could to was stare at him, tears forming in her eyes. He may have been cold, threatening, and on guard, but he was still the man she loved. She didn't like the way he was looking at her. She felt like a prisoner, or a murderer. Tears started to fall from her eyes against her will, but she didn't sniffle or make a single noise. She couldn't. She was too scared. Taehyung saw her and immediately felt his heart shatter. He stepped in front of J-Hope, his eyes fiercely staring into his as a warning before he raised a brow. His voice was deep and gruff as he spoke. "That's my daughter you're threatening J-Hope-ssi. Let your guard down, or so help me God you'll regret it." "I understand how you feel, but you can never be too-" "R-remember when... when you broke his s-shoulder, Oppa?" Jen whimpered, cutting off any sort of reaction Taehyung would've had to J-Hope not listening. She tightened her fingers around the cabinet as they trembled slightly. He looked at her, nodding for her to continue, though he felt extremely uncomfortable at her informality. "You were running through the yard. It was a month after Tae found me. Yoongi and Jimin were playing cards, while you and Tae were chasing each other. I think he took something of yours, and you weren't aware of how strong your powers actually were, so when you reached out to stop him, you pulled his shoulder to fast with your agility. He went flying against your chest, and his shoulder popped out of place." She sighed, closing her eyes afraid of what would come next. "I'm sorry for threatening you Jen," He whispered, lowering his head in a bit of shame. Her eyes flew open and she shook her head, attempting to move closer to him. She completely forgot she was naked and flew back behind the cabinet, whimpering to herself. "I-it's okay... I understand." Jen smiled up at Taehyung, shooing him to go take care of Jungkook. He brushed passed J-Hope, not even giving him time to explain. Jen and J-Hope were left in awkward silence. He sat on the box behind him, spinning his knife in his hand, closing his eyes calmly. Jen settled for watching him. His head was slightly cocked to the side. She traced his jawline with her eyes, admiring it from afar. She licked her lips unconsciously, imagining licking from his neck to trace his jawline with her tongue. Her hands squeezed around the cabinet as her gaze fell to his chest. He might as well not have had a shirt on with the way it was clinging to him, not to mention he was sweating from head to toe. "Can you stop hiding? I don't care that you're naked. It won't affect me," he sighed. "Also stop staring." "When did you become so cold," She whimpered, walking from behind the cabinet. Her hair brushed over her chest calmly as she walked toward him. He didn't even bother to open his eyes, wanting to leave her body up to his imagination. "I mean i know you hated me because i was a snake, and i know you grew dark after your mother and father kicked you out but i figured you'd be better by now. Back to the way you used to be-" "You mean normal?" He deadpanned. "Also, i became cold after my mother literally spit in my face, told me to 'get the fuck out of her sight,' called me a mistake and 'the devil's son,' then proceeded to rat out every other one of my friends." He opened his eyes, looking straight into hers even though he wanted them to roam elsewhere. "Get over it," she bit. He shifted himself in his seat on the box as she moved closer. Her stomach was against his knees, and he found himself struggling to keep looking in her eyes that held a bit of anger. "Get. Over. It." She spoke slowly, yet still angrily. "Do you know why i was a snake? I was fifteen. I had no idea how to use my abilities, and shape-shifted into random animals at random times of the day and didn't know how to turn back. My parents gave up after a week of my abilities showing up, kicked me out with no food or clothing or money. I got over it. I stayed a snake simply because i had no idea how to turn back. Tae found me, and i had a new family. Then, six months later, you all left. I was alone for two years, yes, as a fucking snake. Tae came back, found me, and i forgave him. He didn't know how to use his powers just like i didn't. I understood. I got over it." J-Hope listened and knew she was right. He hadn't even known what she went through, but then again, he thought she was just a snake. Part of him wanted to agree, but most of him wanted to walk away. "Oppa," she whispered, begging him to say something. He reached out, taking a few strands of her silver hair between his fingers. He loved how soft they were, and started playing with them thoughtfully. "You're right." He sighed. "But, i'm not the way i am simply because of them. You know what we do. I know Taehyung tells you. I'm the way i am because i don't think this world deserves my smile, or my happiness. It never did-" "But don't I? Don't the people who love and care about you deserve it?" She whimpered, reaching up to wrap her small hand around his wrist gently. "Isn't that a bit selfish?" He deadpanned. "Why will none of you respect my choice?" He asked genuenly. She smiled softly, letting a few tears escape her eyes before nodding and looking down to avoid his eyes. "It is selfish Oppa. To want to see a smile as bright and beautiful as yours is very selfish. In fact with you, I've always been selfish. From the moment i saw you as a snake. Taehyung told you -begged you- to touch me. To hold me. It's all i wanted from you, but you hated me so much as a snake and i couldn't turn back into a human. I wanted from you what i couldn't have - affection. Anything but hate would've been fine," She bit her lip, holding back the bit of tears she could. Most got away from her grasp though. "I guess it's just in my nature to want things from you that i can't have." J-Hope was... well he didn't know what to feel. Someone who he, in fact, thought was a something, just confessed their love to him. Someone who he hated so much and felt so disgusted by, just wanted him to give them attention. Someone so broken, still managed to love him even though he'd changed so much, and held so much darkness. She wasn't a snake though. She was a beautiful, dark skinned, curvy, and bright woman. "I don't have time for this," He said, clearing his throat. He let her hair slip from between his fingers, moving her back a bit so he could stand up. "We have a mission this Saturday. I have to train Jungkook by then to be semi-good at fighting, and i have to be prepared to kill if it comes to that point. Just know that i'm sorry, and we'll talk on Sunday." Jen nodded, opening her mouth to apologize but he just shook his head. She nodded, dropping her gaze to the floor. "You're not staying here in the pet store anymore, right?" He asked. Her eyebrows knitted together before she thought about it for a moment. "I...I don't know." "The answer is no." J-Hope said simply.
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