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⤴⤴⤴ Literally my face right now...

13 days.... I just have to make it through 13 days... and then I get to see bae... and touch his hand.... (and pass out)

12 days and me and my kpop twin @MYAlpha will be in Houston tearing it up... (okay... we prob just gonna be watching kdramas in the hotel)... but still!

Got7 and Texas... aka my 2 favorite things ♡ well... after JB and my cat... *LMAO*

Now enjoy some JB spam...

Just a warning... these vids.. are probably 18+... so just.... yeah... just thought id give a warning...
*death* Don't look at videos that youtube recommends for you... that is how I ended up finding these... i am pretty sure i died 50000000+ times already... Have a good weekend everyone!

•Korean☆Mod Squad•:

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

I'm seeing them in Miami this saturday and i'm literally already dead 😭😭😭
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@JezziCrypt i wanted P2 so bad but i didn't realize that they had added the tax to the tickets already so i was hitting the price for P3 while looking for P2 and by the time i had figured out what i was doing they were already sold out 😕 I still got tickets though so that's good! The friend i'm going with and her mom both got P2 so i'm gonna be by myself in what i've been hearing called the "nosebleed seats" do you know what that means? 😂
Saturday in Miami, but it will be from the nose bleeds. Better that than nothing.
I got one week to see them!!! Next Sunday I'll be seeing them in my hometown of DC!!!
Yay!!!!! that's awesome! I'm so excited for them to come!! 😄😄
So lucky!! I'm so green with envy right now
Have sooooo much fun! Too excited....make sure to take lots of pictures ..especially of our husband
I'll try to take tons of pics! 😄
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