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Que tal peeps!

This is my first VSFF piece. This is a Jay Park Fanfiction. I picked number 2 cuz it was shiney lol. Fan Fiction Mod Squad @AshleiRyals @Bangtanss @fallchild @GeekyWriterAbby @QueenLeLe
It has been a really busy 3 months. I look at the picture of Jay and I on my desk during our 1 year anniversary. We looked so happy. I wonder what he is doing right now. Are we even still together. I miss my papi. He has been super busy with this shirt AOMG tour and I've been super busy maintaining a few of my local businesses. My businesses are named Hot Spot. This is a bookstore/cafe/tattoo place. This is where all the hipsters go. I have a spot in New York and South Korea. I just had an opportunity to open up a place in LA. This is where I was alone without Jay making things happen. I take my last sip of dark Puerto Rican coffee that I plan to have on this new menu. I treasure the last sip of dark richness of this warm substance. I began to pack up and then there he was. "Baby I hope you are free for a bit! We are going on a trip to Norway baby!" Jay yelled while grabbing me. I did not know what to think. I know I was shocked as hell to see him. He kisses me and I melt deep into him just like that coffee I just had. I quickly call my sister who is my right hand person to take care of the rest of the stuff pertaining to The Hot Spot. I was so happy she wasn't angry about this last minute arrangement. She encouraged me to go since I've been crying about missing Jay. "What about packing papi?" "Baby girl you know I got you. We don't have time let's go!" We hop on plane. I couldn't believe I was doing this wild thing! The wildest thing I've done in all my life was fall in love with Jay. I usually find comfort in having ish planned out. As we were on the plane I felt like a small child looking out the window. It was so beautiful to see the changes of landscape. Jay fell asleep soundly. He looked super cute. I know my papi was super tired. I was so thankful for this trip. I needed it, but I needed him more. I was definitely going to male this trip count.
When we arrived on the ski resort in Norway I could feel the moisture in my nostrils freeze. Jay did an awesome job packing and I was so happy I had a huge warm coat. The snow looked like frozen white Opal and crystal moonlight. I thought I was in a Disney movie. We checked in and I sat on the bed. I watched as Jay spoke on the phone and walked around our room to check it out. He was so sexy even we he didn't try. "Everything looks good baby girl. Do you wanna try to ski?" Jay smiled. "Hell yes, let's do this!" I say. I was tired but I know Jay always wanted to try this out. Plus I had forever to rest up. We headed out to meet the guide/instructor. It was a pale tall thin guy. I wondered if he was created by the snow. He gave us a tour and some instructions then let us go. We got on the cable line that had these swings and then we were off. Jay and I are bosses in our own lives but the snow won this one. We fell so many times I could feel myself bruising.
After the adventure we went back to the café. We had this yummy hot coco that was heaven. I was just upset it wasn't enough to warm me completely. "How you feeling so far baby girl?" "I'm so cold! You know it's cold when your private parts are frosted." I laughed and took another sip. "Well you know your papi got you on that one. We can't let that get frost bite baby." Jay voice was husky. He grabbed my hand and we walked back to our bedroom.
I stand in front of the fire place when we entered our room. It was so toasty and was kicking off some off the chill. Jay wrapped his arms around me has he hugged me from behind. "So you say you were still cold? Is this fire place enough?" "No I need some papi fire." I say "Oh really...where you need this heat to be at?" Jay bit softly on my ear. The heat from his mouth sent chills down my spine. I placed his hand on my womanhood. I could feel him smirk. He slipped his hands down my fleeced lined leggings and passed my panties from behind. He softly rubbed me to warm me up and then he inserted his pointer finger into me. I gasped as you moved his finger in and put while sucking on my neck. Then he put in another digit and began pushing deeper into me. He used his leg to open my legs more as he reached his hand in front of me to tease my nub. I could feel flames releasing throughout my body. I begged for him to go deeper. He began finger banging me like this was my last. I grabbed his hand and made him stop. He looked confused. Then I u nipped his pants. "I want all of my papi." I said in a throaty tone in his ear. Jay and I went over to the fur rug near the dire place. I was already hot and drenched. Jay slipped right in without any issues. He had me on my hands and knees. We rocked back and forth as if we were on the dance floor. "I wanna see my baby's pretty face." He moaned. I sat on top of him and continued at the pace we were going. We kissed deeply. He tasted and smelled so good. Soon he began to move his hips under me and pulling me harder onto him. I gasped as I felt myself contract and a hot fluid coming out on me. Jay eyes rolled behind his head as he filled me up with his hot whipped cream. "Damn baby...that hit the spot!" Jay said as he locked his lips. "Oh the hot spot." I laughed. "You are such a nerd baby." He paused and laughed. "But that was just to warm you up now let's get to the roasting." He said while picking me up and moving to the bed.

Oh how I love rendezvous!!


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