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Happy Saturday peeps!!!!!!! Kim here and I know I was suppose to post last night, but too much was going on and so I'm just gonna stop and just post now!!!!!
You followed your friend, Chanyeol out of the clearing. You looked up in amazement on how the colors of the sky were blending together. You caught up to your friend and grabbed his arm. I hope that gets his attention. He turns around and flashed a toothy smile. What is this place? Where are we? You asked. He looks at you strangely and said, You don't know? Why this is Neverland.
Neverland???? How did we end up here??? Chanyeol smiles and laughs at you. We've been here a minute, princess. For a second, I thought that you wasn't going to wake up. You blushed on the thought of being called by the nickname he gave you when you were kids. He took one of your cheeks and pinched them. You look so cute when you blush. You instantly look away, turning beet red. He then takes your hand and leads you to a secluded wooded area.
Remember when we were younger and wanted to watch the fireflies light up the sky? You looked up over at him and smiled. Too bad they only came out in the warm summer nights. Chanyeol then comes behind, and whispers in your ear, close your eyes. You do so, while feeling goosebumps all down your spine. Chanyeol guides you towards another clearing and tells you to open your eyes. You opened your eyes and was mesmerized by the beauty of what you were seeing.
What you saw literally took your breath away. You saw a large full moon against a starry sky and millions of fireflies fluttering around. Along with the fireflies, you also saw butterflies glowing under the moonlight. As you stare in amazement, you didn't realize that Chanyeol wraps his arms around you and nuzzles in the side of your neck. You smiled as butterflies fluttered in your stomach and butterflies fluttered around the two of you.
I hope you all enjoy!!!! What do you think will happen next???? Do you think they are going to explore more?????? Tune in next week to find out!!!!!!
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I loved it!! Sooo cute!!!!😍😍😍
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This was cute!
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